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MOTUC Q&A Answers for October 15th 2010 from Around the Net
October 19, 2010 2:18 pm by MegaGearMax

It's another round of bi-weekly Questions and Answers all about the exciting world of MOTUC!

Kastors Korner

Kastor's Korner- There are a few heads that have been done in the MOTU line that could, with new paint, be must haves for collectors. A repainted pink Zodac head to match the armor in the weapons pack, a blonde Teela, a dark haired Adora to use on Evil Lynn, and a few more. Are re-decoed heads something that are being considered for future weapons packs?

Matty- No, the heads require a lot more paint ops and are more expensive. You won’t see them in a weapons pack, but these are great ideas for character refreshes down the line!
Pop Culture Network

2) How come Gygor's package has the lightning on his plastic window that all the standard sized figures have and Tytus didn't? Are all the larger window box figures going to have it from now on? I ask this because I'm mostly a MOC/MIB collector nowadays as I'm sure many others are as well.

They were left off of Tytus’ packaging. We have limited resources for the MOTUC brand and sometimes errors occur. In the long run this seemed like a minor one.

3) I know you can't comment on specific figure releases, but about Gigantisaur...is he even a possability in the MOTU Classics line, or should I give up hope on that one?

It is likely if we were to attempt something this large it would be a play set like Castle Grayskull. But, hey, you never know!

4) Any chance of a reissued Keldor that includes the gray streak in his hair?

Not as a re-issue, but perhaps as a refresh of Keldor down the road as this would require some development (new paint ops), which would no longer make it a re-issue.

5) Just a general question: When/if the NA Versions of He-Man and Skeletor are produced, would they be considered the Monthly figure, or a Bonus Quartly figure? These two seem to have a bit more detail in them than just a simple repaint/redeco.

Likely, a quarterly refresh as they are new versions of existing characters, but now that the “refreshes” are part of the subscription that point is a bit null and void.

1. We know that the create-a-character figures from the eighties are off the table. But what about a new contest as a nod to fans?

This would be a lot of fun and it is something we have discussed internally but no plans right now. You never know what the future will bring!

2. Looking at Buzz-Off we wondered how Queen Andreeno would look like. Buzz-Off is totally made in vintage-style and, except his extra „arms“ alle 200x-elements have been eliminated. If and when you get to do Queen Andreeno, will she be more insect-like or more „Vintage-style in Classics“? We know you can’t comment on any figure past the hissing King, but please give us a hint!

For characters that did not have a “vintage” counterpart (like Carnivus, for example) we look at them and reverse engineer the figure. We create the Classics figure as if there “was” a vintage toy and how we would hypothetically update it. So, if there was a vintage Queen Andreeno she might have used some Teela parts the way Carnivus used Beastman parts, or other vintage shared assets. How the Horsemen would tackle her if, and when, we get to her in Classics remains to be seen!

3. Are the crystal horses planned or will they maybe be just too girlish?

Not ready to announce anything, but they are on our master list of characters we’d love to explore one day. Too girlish is not an issue with a line that appeals to an adult collector.

4. In the 80ies we had some very spectacular accessory sets- Jet Sled, Stilt Stalkers, Cliff Climber, Scubattack- are there any plans to release some of those? Now that army builders are in the plan, wouldn't it be great to have some palace guards with Jet Sleds?

We are exploring this with the upcoming Weapon’s Rack. No plans right now for more mini vehicles or set builders but you never know what the future will bring.

5. Where’s the love for Gwildor?

Clearly with his fans! Gwildor would be a 100% tool’d figure and we are only doing about one of those a year. Would fans rather see Gwildor over Ram Man - another fully tool’d figure? It would be fun to do Gwildor so we could release the prototype Cosmic Key that his vintage figure came with!
Poe Ghostal

2.) barbecue17 asks: So next year, subscribers are looking at having a monthly figure, quarterly bonus figures, and quarterly large figures/2 packs, plus non-subscription weapon packs, reissues, rumored diorama pieces/vehicles, and now the royal guards which have been pushed into 2011. That isn’t even factoring in other Mattycollector lines. Is Mattel making any effort at all to attempt to balance out release dates so that too much product doesn’t hit in a given month? Obviously, a month with a regular figure, quarterly bonus figure, and a large figure would definitely not be a good month for customer’s wallets to also release the royal guards or a vehicle. My question is, is there a limit of Masters product that will be released in a monthly period?

Yes, we are doing our best to spread out releases so that there are not too many releases on one day or month, but not everything always goes as planned. There are countless logistical issues that change release dates that we cannot control and often figures or packs are pushed out or moved to dates beyond our original intent (such as the case with the Palace Guards).

4.) Snarf! Snarf! asks: Is there a chance that we can get Power Swords (the whole sword and the sword halves) AND The Sword of Protection closer to their vintage toy designs? The Vintage Power swords had an additional piece of plastic similar to the one in Tri-Klops’ sword that allowed figures with open hands to hold it. The Vintage Sword of Protection looked nothing like its MOTUC counterpart.

It is always possible and this would be a fun way to refresh He-Man or She-Ra in the future. Nothing is locked in right now.
Infinite Hollywood

1. On another Q&A you mentioned that the Four Horsemen sculpted "tons" of non-costed parts for MOTUC figures. Essentially stuff that they just think is cool and would go with the figures, but doesn't fit in for budgetary reasons. Assuming you guys still have those at the "Mattel Laboratories" is that something you might consider showing fans at some point? The reason I ask, is that it seems like that would be a great way to gage support for a potential weapons pack of extras that couldn't make the cut the first time around. Maybe even have a fan vote!

Yes. Tons of figures in both the DC and MOTU lines have had extra parts sculpted by the Horsemen that were not asked for or costed in, simply because they are very enthusiastic. While we appreciate them going “the extra mile” once we are set on the cost of a figure it is often impossible to include an extra piece even if they look very cool. Batman Beyond’s wings and Wonder Woman’s extra spear are also examples of this. We do our best to only show a sculpt with the parts that will actually go forward but every once in a while extra parts sneak into a PR shot.

Incidentally, we also do try to find a way to get to these sculpts down the road. The Bottle City of Kandor in our JLU Superman was actually originally sculpted by the Horsemen as a 6-inch accessory for the 2006 Superman figure!

For legal and logistic reasons we won’t be showing these parts to the public until they are tool’d for a figure.

2. Dark Knight, MOTUC vs DCUC and now Ghostbusters are all showing up as exclusives in TRU. Is this a trend we can expect to continue, with MattyCollector product being repurposed for TRU exclusives?

We make collector products for many accounts. JLU has been at TGT and WMT has DCUC five-packs and two-packs. Toys ‘R’ Us happens to have more space dedicated to collectors via a special aisle, which is one reason we are able to bring lines like GB and MOTU vs DCU to them. There are no plans to bring other Matty.com product to TRU at this time.

5. Since they originated in the Filmation cartoon, are the Skeletor Robot Knights off limits? If so, have you guys thought about making a similar robot with a similar purpose for army building? Flying robots would make great drones for Skeletor and they wouldn't necessarily have to be beholden to the Filmation design.

Correct. The Robot Knights are not available as they originated in the Filmation series, which we do not have current rights to
MOTUC Portal

1. Any plans to update the MOTUC packaging in any way in 2011?

Not with the basic figures but perhaps with something else…

2. Screeech and Zoar - any chance we can get more information on them?

Not at this time, but perhaps in time there will be a “bird” pack or something where we can give them bios.

3. Gygor is beyond amazing! It would be great to have a head without his mouth open - is this something that Mattel would consider?

Much like requests for a new head for Faker, if we did this it would take tooling and a slot away from a new figure. If fans would rather have a new version of Gygor over another all-new beast let us know.

4. Buzz-Off has my favorite real name by far! We are curious about the Kex insect people - what is the origin of them?

You’ll just need to keep reading the bios! They are originally from the vintage mini-comic that came with Buzz-Off.

5. So Oo-Larr was around after Skeletor was placed behind the Mystic Wall?

Keep reading the bios. Lots more info will be popping up about this guy!

1) In the original Princes Of Power toy line, we had "Fantastic Fashions", that were outfits for the POP action figures. Is there a chance in the future, to have those Fantastic Fashions outfits remade in MOTUC style for all the MOTUC female action figures or is it omething Mattel doesn't wish to do?

It is doubtful we will do the fashions as a standalone SKU, but we could always look at doing a POP character in a Fabulous Fashion outfit as a new update of that character!

2) In the Ultimate Battelground Weapons Pack, we can see armors (Zodac and Beast Man ones). Do you plan to make Armors Packs, packs where there will only be amors but specific armors? I mean armors like "Wolf Armor" for He-Man, or Samourai Armors like this people won't have to wait for an hypothetic Wolf Armor He-Man and/or Samurai Armor He-Man/Skeletor/Man-At-Arms in MOTUC style.

There won’t be any new tooling in the Weapon Paks, but we could always look at doing Wolf Armor He-Man or Samurai Armor Skeletor, etc. as a refresh of those characters similar to how we did Battle Armor He-Man. There will be four refresh A-list character SKUs per year and these would be possible candidates.

3) During SDCC you said that there will be 6 others DCU VS MOTUC packs. When will the other packs be revealed?

Ideally before the end of the year! We need to get in samples first.

4) Will you use Vikor's original drawing (and colored) in Vikor's Bio, or will you create a brand new one?

We will use the original drawing in the shield art! Toy Guru actually has the actual drawing framed on his wall at work. He located it while doing research for the art book.

5) Any news about the new Masters Of The Universe movie?

Nothing to announce yet, but we are very excited as the project moves along.

1) Is it true that the accessories (heads, weapons) are limited to a maximum of 4 per figure? In case of BA He-Man and BA Skeletor, why do you count those armor plates as accessories, and not part of the figure?

It is not a limit of accessories as much as it’s a limit for a figure’s final cost. Accessories add cost and we have a ceiling of what each figure can cost us to produce. We try to get in as many accessories as we can within this cost. We will try to have no less than two per figure when possible.

2) With production numbers for the Palace Guards adjusted to the higher demand for this set, is Mattel thinking about offering the individual army builder sets on a regular basis? e.g. every second month or so? Many fans want to really build an army, but just don´t have the money to buy an army at once. On the other hand, they don´t want to wait a year to add further troops in a re-release. Just like Diorama stands that would be "needed" every fifth figure, army builder sets should be available continuously (in a perfect world, that is).

Troop Builders and other multi-packs will be part of the “Oversized” assortment with four SKUs per year. Whether that SKU is a multi-pack or a Beast will be revealed throughout the year. We will tell you that in 2011 there will be three Oversized items at $30 and one at $40.

(Seems like the misunderstood this question, as it actually was about the frequency of troop builder re-issues...)

3) Can you provide first infos what to expect with the diorama pieces scheduled for 2011 and teased with the Grayskull weapons rack? e.g. pricepoint, how many a year, what kind of things can we expect? Obviously, the Grayskull weapons rack belongs to Castle Grayskull. If a castle should finally be made, will the weapons rack be issued with it? Or are those diorama pieces meant to fill the empty hull of the Castle? Just about ANY info on those diorama pieces is highly appreciated.

The first diorama piece will indeed be the Weapon’s Rack with a ton of weapons. It will come packaged on a card similar to the previous Weapon Paks. We’ll have more info to reveal soon! There are no plans for a full play set right now, but you never know what the future will bring.

4) Would it be possible to make generic citizens of Eternia? Like peasents, court ladies, merchants, various inhabitants of the various races? e.g. Avions, Andreenids, Caligars, Kex, Qadians and so on...?
(Obviously this wouldn´t appeal to the most collectors, but maybe this would be an idea for a "spin-off" series?)

Totally possible but none on the top of our to-do list right now. You never know what the future will bring.

5) No matter if its vintage, POP, NA, 200x or concept, figures are constantly selling out within minutes or a few hours. So how about a merchandise shop? You could offer artbooks, reprints of minicomics, Direct to DVD animated movies, t-shirts, poster, wallscrolls... Or is this completely off the cards?

This is something we are looking into for 2011 and 2012!

1.) When you guys do get around to doing one of the 1987 film figures, is there any chance it will have a movie-inspired logo sticker affixed to the front like the vintage figure (in keeping with the other "subset" stickers we've had so far)?

No. We do not have rights to the 1987 movie at this time and those characters will be treated as updated to the vintage figures, not movie figures.

2.) Gygor's axe seems like a perfect fit for Tytus! Is this weapon being considered for future "Weapons Pak" treatment, perhaps in the same gold tone as his warrior smasher?

Definitely a cool suggestion but we don’t have definite plans right now. You never know what the future will bring!

3.) Can you tell us which DC artist provided the art for the upcoming DCUC VS MOTUC 2 packs? It would be neat to get these pieces signed by the artist at a convention!

Sorry, this is not information DC Comics is providing at this time.

4.) Speaking of the DCUC VS MOTUC packs... The art seems very slanted more towards the DC style as opposed to classic MOTU style. Is there any way that future packs might switch this up a bit; showing both the MOTU and DCUC characters drawn in classic MOTU style? Perhaps even drawn by some of the past artists that made the MOTU packaging so special?

Currently part of the “deal” to do these packs is for us to use current DC staff artists. We will look at adjusting the style a bit more to the exact current look, but overall you won’t see too many changes.

5.) You stated that Grizzlor's extra head was something that was done as an extra by the Four Horsemen, and that often times they will sculpt extras that can't quite be costed in. Are there any other past releases that had unseen extras that didn't make the cut for whatever reason?

Yes. Tons of figures in both the DC and MOTU lines have had extra parts sculpted by the Horsemen that were not asked for or costed in, simply because they are very enthusiastic. While we appreciate them going “the extra mile” once we are set on the cost of a figure it is often impossible to include an extra piece even if they look very cool. Batman Beyond’s wings and Wonder Woman’s extra spear are also examples of this. We do our best to only show a sculpt with the parts that will actually go forward but every once in a while extra parts sneak into a PR shot.

Incidentally, we also do try to find a way to get to these sculpts down the road. The Bottle City of Kandor in our JLU Superman was actually originally sculpted by the Horsemen as a 6-inch accessory for the 2006 Superman figure!
Kitty's Pryde

Attendees of the SDCC have had the chance to vote on Panthor and Swiftwind designs the past two years. Why not ask the subscription what they would like to see regarding certain designs in the future? We are the ones, after all, who are blindly committing to a year's worth of figures.

SDCC is a very special event akin to some of the large annual sporting events. We will continue to make it special for those who attend by offering them opportunities to vote and interact in ways only possible at a live convention.

Although not vintage versions, has there ever been any thought given to making more Battle Armor figures? It might make a cool bonus figure to have a Faker, Randor, He-Ro, or even Teela, Evil-Lyn, and She-Ra.

Yes, we have thought about this. Stand by for some special concepts later in the year!

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