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Ask Matty: Prince Adam's Bio, Royal Swiftwind or Swiftwind and other answers!
February 5, 2011 2:21 pm by MegaGearMax

Toyguru has returned with more answers to your many questions!

4H and the vehicles

Is it true that the MOTU Classics vehicles won't be sculpted by the 4H?

No, it is not true.
Beast Men...first appearance???

I was wondering, have the actual beast men (not to be confused with Skeletor's henchman, Beast Man) ever made a visual appearance in any of the mini comics, books, or various cartoons? If so, where?

One place they appear is in an issue of the DC Comics 1983 MOTU mini series.
Orko as the Accessory

I was just wondering something. If Mattel decides to release Prince Adam outside of being the accessory for Orko, well they then turn around and make Orko the Accessory for Prince Adam?

You know, so they can put the bio for Prince Adam on the package, but supply the same figurines.

No. If we did another Prince Adam or reissued the existing Adam on a single card he would not come with Orko as that would push the price over the $20.00 basic figure price and try to reserve "odd" priced items for conventions to keep the sub fixed.
Dear MattyCollector, Regarding your Motuc series

Is the Motuc serie much more popular than you could predict or thought it would be?.

I mean, i se many re-releases some action figures go for crasy prices,specialy in Europa where you cant order from Amazon.com (they dontship).

Prices goes from 50$ to 149$ for one Action-figure!, the prises are just insane.

Considering our original plan was to put out 3 two-packs and a NYCC item, the line has done very well indeed!
Burst on the reissue stands?

I know that when ordering reissues, that there is a chance you mayreceive leftover stock from the first run. With the reissue standsthough it seems that no one has received any with "The Original" burston the package.

I was wondering if the "reissued" stands were even produced with "TheOriginal" burst on the box, like stated in the description of them inthe store section?

Most believe that the stands with "The Original" on the box does not exist. So we would like to know for sure. Thanks!

We did request "The Original" be added to the package but it lookslike it may not have been. We usually do not get samples of thereissues into our corp office, so we don't see the final reissuefigures/items until they ship.
Slime Pit He-Man

If you were to make a Slime Pit slave He-Man, would he come with aplastic can of slime to pour over him as well as a matching clear greenpower sword?

Doubtful he would come with slime. It is very expensive! (well, compared to plastic or even soft goods)
Was a Bio created for Prince Adam?

I know that the SDCC 2010 Orko/Adam only feature Orko's bio, since it was his release and Adam was the accessory.

But, in the creation of the 200+ bios that you had mentionedpreviously, was an individual one made for Adam that just hasn't beenreleased yet?


What are the chances Cringer will one day show up in the MOTUC line? Adam's old buddy needs his own figure.

I imagine one day we will get to Cringer. But nothing to announce right now. He certainly deserves a figure after 29 years!
Unfair question

As you surely know how awesome the 4 HM-Battle Ram at the last SDCC was, we fans have high expectations at the new vehicle.

So some of us are concernd of hearing, that the 4HM will not sculpt the MOTUC vehicles.

Can we expect a vehicle, that fits the awesome MOTUC design that the 4HM had always delivered?

The Horsemen are sculpting the vehicle. But we aren't saying which one it is yet!
Mini-Comic Characters in MOTUC?

Will there actually be characters that were unique to the mini-comicssuch as Geldor or Lodar? What about Randor as he appeared in themini-comic, but not the older, white-beard Randor (more as he looked inthe FILMation series since he also looked this way in the mini-comic)?

Yes, quite a few are planned in the next few years.
Will Swiftwind be called "Swiftwind" or "Royal Swiftwind" on his package plus tagline

Was wondering since we know that Swiftwind will be painted "RoyalWhite" instead of "Classic Pink" from the voting results at SDCC 2010,will he also be named Royal Swiftwind on the packing, or since he isbasically replacing the classic paint job, will he just be calledSwiftwind? And which tagline would he carry?

Honestly, we go back and forth on this one. We'd love to do the pinkoriginal toy version one day as well. What say you She-Ravers?

with both the release of whiplash and now buzz off will we see in the
future a possible clawful. being they alll share the same body style, and
if so can we asume that all characters that share body types get a look at
first,like teela,evil lynn, beast man,moss man

Clawful is an awesome character and one I am personally a huge fanof (having owned the vintage figure when I was a kid) but just becausethe "shared" parts for a character are available does not really have arelation to when that character will come out.

The releases for MOTUC have been thought our well in advancestrategically placing characters from different "factions", genders anderas in each year to ensure each year has a robust offering. We don'twant to get to 2014 and go "shoot, we're out of cool characters torelease!".

Sure some characters with shared parts will be released close to eachother "Like say Trap Jaw and Optikk sharing a crotch piece) but theywere released to put out a Skeletor crew members and a NA character,not because they shared parts. That was just a nice coincidence.

See what the fans have to say HERE!

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