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King Hssss is on sale TWICE!!! If you miss him on 3/15, you can get him on 4/1
February 17, 2011 11:33 pm by MegaGearMax

Remember when everyone was hopping mad when Mattel ran out of Vikors on January 15th? To avoid the widespread fury of MOTU fans everywhere, Mattel has taken precautions and has prepared for the same eventuality with King Hssss by warning us ahead of time:

The Club Eternia® Figure of the Month for March features a fully articulated snake form torso! Please note that this item is arriving in two shipments.All subscriptions will be fulfilled first and the small amountremaining will be offered to non-subscription customers on 3/15. We’llhold a special second sale on 4/1 after the second shipment arrives. Included with 2011 Club Eternia® subscriptions.

Ssssee what the fans have ssssay HERE!

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