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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (4/1/2011)
April 5, 2011 6:10 pm by MegaGearMax
Kastor's Korner

Kastor's Korner: Snout Spout’s origin in various media actually takes place in Etheria, not Eternia. Will that be reflected in his bio? While we’re atit, since he wouldn’t squirt water because action features are off-limits, would you consider a water-blast effect to place at the end of his trunk?

Matty: As far as his bio you will just need to wait and see. Like all MOTUC bios, his was written at about the time of Stratos. As for his accessories, we just can’t comment on specifics for unannounced figures. But it is a cool idea!

Kastor's Korner: It can be said fans made Royal Swift Wind the fan choice winner,perhaps, due to how closely he resembles how he was illustrated in other media. As for the toy itself, it’s identical to the original Swift Wind,except it also included a pink and gold carousel horse-esque caparison (or saddle blanket) that rests under the saddle, adorning the body and across the front of his chest. Will MOTUC Royal Swift Wind include this extra caparison matching his vintage toy?

Matty: The figure is still being sculpted and designed so we just don’t have an answer quite yet. Hopefully we will know by SDCC.

Kastor's Korner: Mattel has made great strides in MOTUC toy execution as of late, both by shortening the female buck (starting with Battleground Teela and the upcoming She-Ra re-release), and making Bow’s trunks (being the first male without a loincloth) taper and fold down between the legs to give a clean look in his midsection. Interestingly, both the scale and the execution of the skirt/midsection were the main issues that some fans felt were missing in the otherwise dead-on likeness of Princess Adora. With She-Ra getting a welcome update, can her alter-ego Adora be far behind with the above mentioned improvements Mattel has recently implemented?

Matty: It is possible we will get to an Adora 2.0 one day in the future, but we don’t have one planned at this time.

Kastor's Korner: Have you considered doing some character-inspired posing using your various stands (Grayskull, DCUC, flight, etc.) on the site for your flying/jumping/swimming characters? It would certainly be an easy up-selland you can add the ubiquitous “Flight Stands not included” tag! While the Mattycollector toy photography where front/back angles are concerned is appreciated, the posing is quite…static, and not as character-focused.

Matty: Action poses are one of many improvements we’d like to make to the look of mattycollector.com and once we have the logistics and resources available we’ll consider this and many other thoughts.

1. Is there any way that perhaps in a future weapons pack we could get a couple bendy snakes those like King Hssss's long bendy arms - in the same coloring, etc.* It would be cool to wrap a couple more around him or have them to pose attacking the masters!

We don’t have any tooling allocated for the Weapon Paks but it is possible this could be an accessory with a figure such as a future variant of King Hssss or another Snake Man. But nothing to confirm.

2. A standard He-Man re-release but with the new ankles would be amazing.* If he does indeed get another re-release would this be considered?

We imagine in time we will do a He-Man 2.0 much as we are with She-Ra and these are great suggestions on ways to offer something new! But nothing to confirm right now.

3. Are you able to work the character of "Light Hope" into the MOTUC canon or is that one off limits?* Curious as the Etheria bio references " being of formless light" being created.

No, Light Hope is owned by Filmartion/Classic Media. We can reference these characters in bios, but we can not make them as toys at this time.*

4. We know the Three Towers exist and have had one of those towers referred to as the "central tower" - do they each have official names (and what are they?)

Just as in the vintage mini comic “The Ultimate Battleground” the Towers are Central, Grayskull and Viper.

5. The item Toy Guru stated we've been waiting for for the last 30 years - can you elaborate a little to manage expectations?*

Toy Guru was a little over excited at NYTF. Since fans are taking him literally, let us clarify that this is something fans have waited for since the “time period” of the vintage line era, not literally since 1982 (i.e. for 30 years).

1. Would Mattel consider doing a figure for charity?

Mattel sells many figures for charity every year. Mostly at the annual Dream Halloween event.

2. Will all of the PoP-ladies come with a weapon-comb?

No, but some may.

3. Many fan questions are more suggestions for figures or accessories than questions...has any of these suggestions made it into the line so far?

Yes. Battle Armor Skeletor’s Axe was a fan suggestion.

4. Can you tell us yet, how much the first vehicle would cost?

We do not know yet. We are waiting to see how many features we can put into it.

5. If the right arm and leg armor from the palace Guards would come in an upcoming Weapons Pak (for ol'Duncan)...would you reconsider the rule that only repainted weapons would make it into the Pak? We are sure many fans would buy it only for these two parts!

The Paks will continue to be repainted weapons (or reissued weapons) only. There will be no new tooling. But if we issued these parts for Man At Arms we would change the color to match MAA’s color armor, it is slightly different.
Infinite Hollywood

4. Has Mattel ever considered doing an "Elseworlds" style crossover for DCUC and MOTUC? As an example, repainting He-Man as Batman? Like, what if Bruce Wayne lived on Eternia? It seems like a fun way to combine the brands for some fun one off figures.

A fun idea, but no, we have not considered this.
Pop Culture Network

3) How come Count Marzo isn't on the back of the Shadow Beast's box? He's in the bio as the creator of the Shadow Beasts in MOTUC AND his reissue is a month after the Shadow Beast's release. Wouldn't it have been a good idea to put Count Marzo on the back of the packaging?

It sure would have. I guess he was off doing something evil that day.

4) Since we got the gun from bionatops with Preternia He-Man, are there any plans of releasing a T-Rex, Turbodactyl or Bionatops? I think the 4HM would make some awesome dinos!

We would love to do this. No plans right now but ideally in time this would round out the Powers of Grayskull part of the line.

5) You have fan interaction where the fans can vote on say the colour scheme of the figure with Masters of the Universe Classics. Will you be doing this at any stage for the re-issues so you can see who is in demand and schedule it for that month?

The reissues will be just that, reissues. If we made a change it would require a development slot and right now we prefer to use all of our precious development slots on new figures.

You recently mentioned that the SDCC Exclusives for this year will be anounced some time in April. Are you planing to do this reveal on a segment of Attack of the Show once again?

We hope to be able to reveal them on AOTS again this year. If this comes about you’ll see a post on Facebook.com/MattyCollector!

If you were to make a Granamyr figure in the MOTUC line would he be be in scale with MOTUC figures or would the size have to be significantly reduced to to make the piece affordable for collectors and within your production budget?

He might not be as big as he was in the mini comics, but if we did him he would still be pretty giant. Clearly bigger then even Tytus.

If a Cringer figure were to be produced as part of the MOTUC toy line, how big would he be in comparison to Battle Cat's size?


A MOTUC checklist would be a great incentive for Club Eternia subscribers. Have you considered releasing a exclusive poster for members with images of all the recent MOTUC figures as you did years ago with the DCUC toy line?

This is something we would love to do, but right now we are putting all of our resourses into the figures. Maybe this is something we can do in time.
Superhero Times

The DC vs. MOTUC 2-pack concept is great but most collectors are on the fence sometimes about purchasing the sets since they already have most of the DC characters from previous DCUC assortments. Would it be possible to switch things up in future assortments by offering a variant of the DC characters instead of the MOTUC ones?

Yes, and some of the packs will indeed do this in 2011.

1.) Mattel has used Toyfare magazine in the past as a venue for premiering new characters in the MOTU classics line. Now that the magazine has ceased publication, can we expect these debuts to be filtered into one of the other toy magazines still being published?

At this time, new product reveals that were scheduled for ToyFare magazine will now be shifted to Mattycollector.com.

2.) We know that 2011 will not see a price increase on MOTU Classics... but if prices do increase in later years, how will that be handled for subscribers? Since we are locked in at a certain price throughout an entire year, will any price changes always happen at the start of the year so that subscribers and regular buyers will always be charged the same amount?

If we ever were to have a price increase it would be in the beginning of the year and we would announce this in conjunction with purchasing a subscription for that year. We would not raise the price mid year during a current subscription.

3.) Many fans (myself included) aren't really happy with the new shipping company (Cornerstone Logistics) handling the non-subscriber orders. It seems that the packages needlessly travel back and forth between states, the items take longer to arrive, and the tracking offers no expected delivery date (which is sometimes essential to buyers so that they can plan to be home when the package arrives). The reason given for the switch was because of the increase in UPS cost... but since we as the consumers are paying for the shipping, why aren't we allowed the option of choosing to pay for the UPS shipping? I for one wouldn't mind paying a few more bucks for better shipping service.

As always suggestions are appreciated. We are CONSTANTLY looking to improve and offer better shipping methods and will pass your comments onto the team for review.

4.) Speaking of the new shipping- While you stated that subscribers would still be getting the UPS service (since it was chosen when the subscription was purchased), many subscribers have found that this is not the case, as their packages are being handled by Cornerstone Logistics. It seems that if a person had to have their sub reinstated at some point (due to things like expired credit cards, unavailable funds, etc), then they are now stuck with Cornerstone Logistics for their shipping (even though they choose UPS when signing up). Are you looking into correcting this issue, or are those fans simply at the mercy of the new shipping method?

The same answer as above. We will pass your comments along to the team to review as we continue to improve and offer the best methods possible for shipping.

5.) Throw us a bone... I don't think this will be revealing too much, so I'll give it a shot- Do any of the MOTU Classics figures slated for the rest of this year have a name that begins with letter"G"?

Sorry, our lips are sealed, you’re Gonna have to wait until SDCC!

NOTE- Mattel actually sent this back with the "G" in that last answer underlined and in bold font...Make of that what you will, but I'm REALLY hoping it means there's a chance for Gwildor!

1) It´s propably too early to spill the beans about the MOTU anniversary yet, but would it be possible to offer the main MOTUC characters on vintage artwork cardbacks for the 30th anniversary?

A great suggestion but our lips are still sealed!

2) There was a ton of paper promo material in the 80ies. Any chance we could see posters, character stickers, masks or promo magazines in the future?

Always possible, but nothing is planned right now.

3) After seeing the art prints on mattycollector, have you given any thoughts to extending this segment? The various playset flags would make for some awesome fabric flags, don´t you think?

They certainly would and this is just one of many projects that tends to float around a lot.

4) Until today we got several 200x weapons with MOTUC, like Buzz Offs big axe or Whiplash´s "Electro Shocker". Many fans are wondering if someday we can expect further 200x weapons, like for example Man-At-Arms lasercannon, Robotos Gattling gun and Rocket Launcher or the BMF gun Two Bad had in the MYP cartoon.

Always possible. If a weapon was originally from the 200X series there is a good chance it will be “Classic-ized” for the current line.

5) If they are on the cards, what SKU would Tower Tools, Cliff Climber, Scubattack, Jet Sled and the Stilt Stalkers fit in? Vehicles, accessories, Diorama pieces...? How would Mattel most likely offer these pieces?

There are quite a few ways we could get to things like this, but nothing is locked in right now.

1) Last year, you gave us hints as to who might be the SDCC Exclusives would be. You told us the DCUC would have lots of attachments, and that there would be TWO MOTUC exclusives, and one would be the first MOTU celebrity. Are there any hints you can give us about those respective lines for 2011 SDCC exclusives?

Our DCUC figures for SDCC will be one of the oddest choices to join the line so far. He (yes it is a male) will have an exclusive extra accessory packed in the version sold at SDCC. (unlike Gleek which was polly bagged).The MOTUC item will have a unique bio and pack out for SDCC. But all the parts will be available both at the show and online afterwards.

2) Can you make Entrapta with red hair?

We can make any character Mattel owns with any color hair or outfit we choose.

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