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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (4/15/2011)
April 17, 2011 10:32 am by MegaGearMax

Special Thanks go out to ElkkThunder and Scorpia for adding their websites to the Q&As!

Infinite Hollywood

1. On He-Ro in the original MOTU line, he was supposed to feature vac-metallized armor. His MOTUC counterpart did not have the process done to him. Is there anyone in MOTUC that might see some vac-metallized weapons/accessories/decos? Have Mattel given any thought to vac-metallized items in the line at all? A vac-metal Roboto would be a great new take on a re-release!

Yes indeed. The upcoming Hurricane Hordak will have a vac metal chest plate!

2. Putting aside issues with his "gimmick", would Mattel be open to doing a Laser Light Skeletor figure in the line? Thus far we haven't seen many variations of characters, but this particular incarnation of Skeletor just screams potential. The 4 Horsemen could do untold amounts of good with this type of design.

Like all vintage releases, we would love to get to this one in time! But nothing to announce right now.

3. As a follow up to the Laser Light Skeletor question, have the designers at Mattel looked into some of the more offbeat variants of past figures (like say Laser Light Skeletor) for inspiration on new releases? Like, perhaps not releasing a figure that's entirely beholden to an old design but creating a new variant that's "inspired" by past incarnations?

We have talked about this, but for the most part we are sticking to the vintage designs as part of the Classics DNA.

4. Would a purple tinted re-release of the Shadow Beast be possible in MOTUC?

Always possible, but nothing is planned right now.

In regards to the Club Eternia subscription for 2012, will you be including an additional category so subscribers can be guaranteed every new monthly release such as weapon packs, vehicles, etc. or will those additional items continue to be sold seperatelly?

We purposely keep those out of the subscription so we have the freedom to increase or decrease the number of skus we do. With the sub we have to be upfront with every sku included and we need some freedom to try out new concepts without being tied to the subscription.

Aside from the Eternian Guards set, will there be any other 2-packs released in 2011?

You will just need to wait and see, SDCC announcements are coming soon!

With this year's release of the Faceless One in June, it would be great to have a 200X redeco of Evil Lyn to go along with him. How far away are we from this kind of Evil Lyn variant and would it be possible to include an additional head without her helmet showing her short white hair as in the MYP cartoon?

While this is a repaint we’d love to do, we are not prepared to comment past Leech and Hordak at this time.

A few months back it was announced that Mattel was producing a Masters of the Universe video game. Can you provide any updates on this for us and when we may see the first images of the game?

Sorry, there are no updates at this time.

Can you announce when the Snake Mountain bases will be released and will they just be repaints of the Grayskull stands or feature new sculpt or details?

When we get to Snake Mountain stands they will indeed be new sculpts. Ideally this will happen in 2012. But no set plans yet.

1. How did Adam manage to travel to Despondos to give Adora her sword and come back without giving the Horde a way out of that dimension?

Portals to Despondos can only be opened from Eternia. Adam had help from the Sorceress and the Power of Grayskull to open those portals at the right time.

2. You said that by the end of the year we would have a new female buck but only step by step. Can you tell us more about it? Obviously Battle Ground Teela has a new belly - can you spoil us with new female parts without telling the upcoming characters?

Not yet. We aren’t ready to spill the beans. But more is coming soon!

3. Will Man-E-Faces' head be interchangeable like all the other heads or will it only fit on him due to design/ the helmet/ rotating faces?

It will only fit on him due to the spinning feature.

4. There are some good 200x customs of the Energy Zoids out there with removable legs. Would this be an option to update these lesser known characters? Rotar and Twistoid always seem to be the last figures fans want. But I'm sure the horsemen could really make them cool looking figures.

Both of these are characters we do want to get to in time. When and if they make it in the line remains to be seen (as well as how they will be executed).

5. The PoP girls are coming with weapons resembling their vitage combs. Is there an option for Blast Attack having a second weapon resembling his cable or Dragstor with a rip-cord-like-weapon?

Always possible but nothing to announce right now.
ElkkThunders Toy RoomNEW!!!

4. How long do you plan/anticipate the MOTU stands will continue to stay in stock?

It is hard to say. For a figure we like to see a quick sell out to manage inventory (which affects shipping costs and we try to keep that as low as possible). For stands, since they are smaller and something people always need, we do like them to stay on for a bit longer.

5. If the MOTU weapons rack is a success will we see similar blister carded sets in the future?

Possibly,it depends on a lot of logistics. We hope to have the packs continue but we will have to see!

2- When will we hear details on SDCC offerings?

We will be announcing our SDCC “for sale” items during the last week of April. Stay tuned to Facebook/MattyCollector for more info.

4- If and when a Kobra Kahn gets made, can he have a detachable hood as seen in the 200x series or is that not possible?

It is possible, but more likely if we did this feature it would be on a second head. But nothing planned right now.

5- If the MOTUC weapon rack is a success, is it possible that similar blister carded packs would be made?

It is always possible, but again, nothing is planned right now.
Pop Culture Network

1) Without giving us too much detail... can you give us a little hint into 2012? How many NA figures, POP figures, MOTU figures? I was hoping for at least 2 new NA figures next year.

Sorry, things just change around way to much for us to make any type of commitment like this!

5) I'm just wondering if you can give us a list of Toy Guru's and the Four Horsemen's want list in the MOTUC line? Their number 1 characters, vehicles or playsets they are dying to see make it into the line, that have not made the light of day at this point. I'm not talking about a confirmation on something that may or may not be made, just the MOTUC item they desperately want included.

From ToyGuru:
“Personally, I really want to get to the Sorceress as well as the Rock warriors and more Horde members. Heck, I’d even like to get Callix the rock Horde guy from 200X and really have a party!”
Kastor's Korner

Kastor's Korner: When can we expect pre-orders for the SDCC 2011 exclusives to take place?

Matty: Likely in June or early July.

Kastor's Korner: Since the shoulder joint on King Hssss is comprised of 2 pieces (the outer sculpted shoulder and the inner socket joint), wouldn't only the outer piece need to be switched, eliminating the need for retooling, or is there more involved?

Matty: No, we checked and it would need to be retooled.

Kastor's Korner: Why is the She-Ra v2.0 not a subscription purchase, since a subscriber essentially requires it for Swift Wind, which is a subscription beast? Can a Mattycollector really have one without the other?

Matty: Because we already announced the exact number of items in the 2011 sub and legally can not add or subtract any. We also did not want to bump any other planned figures in place of She-Ra 2.0.

1) Can you already tell which fraction would most likely be the next MOTUC army builder? Evils, heroics, horde, snakemen, rebellion, or even civilians? POG, POP, NA...?

Sorry, that is still under wraps. You'll just need to wait and see!

2) One of the differences between Keldor and Skeletor are the demonic "fins" at Skeletors lower arms. Do these originate from merging with Demo-Man? We´re curious, because there are no "fins" to be seen on the concept art of Demo-Man.

Yes, merging with Demo-Man clearly had some physical changes to Keldor! Keep reading the bios for more!

3) Given the april Weapons Rack will be a success - would a Diorama piece become an annual slot and included in next years subscription? Or could we even expect more than one diorama piece a year?

We don't have anything like this permanently locked in. But if it does do well it clearly opens the door for more "diorama" type items in the future!

4) Apart from the weapons rack, I think various thrones have been mentioned to be a likely diorama piece in the future. Can you give us a hint what else could potentially fall into that category?

Since we don't have anything else planned right now, there aren't any hints to give!

5) We keep reading the bios, and I am sure you are aware of all the narratives, timelines etc. we fans have compiled of the MOTUC story known by the bios so far. However, occasionally we read that we missed certain details. Can you give us some clues about what details we missed in the bios so far?

Go back and re-reads the first 10 or so bio. There is some more info in early bios that will pay off later on!

1) Many collectors noticed that certain parts of the figures get some sort of white film. It gets away easily on lose figures, but collectors of unopened stuff can't do that. How/why does that occur, and does it happen to all figures but only to those released early in the line?

Sorry, we just don't have an answer at this time. We will talk to the safety group to see if they have come across this issue.

2) It's been a while since last we heard about plans for a new movie. Is the project in on hiatus?

The project is moving forward but we just don't have any news yet to share!

3) Not really a question but more of a suggestion: A crossbow for female Horde members would be awesome! Could be done for Entrapta or a "Horde Force Captain" Adora variant, with a repaint for Catra.

A cool suggestion and one we will pass on to the team!

4) In an earlier Q&A round, you commented that a stand for the Orb of Power would be possible. What about a storage for the unused multiple heads? Like small stands, or some sort of case that also could serve as storage for weapons. The one that stored the Power Sword in the 200X show could be a good inspiration there.

Also a cool suggestion and one we will pass along. Nothing to announce right now.

5) Is there any chance for a regular "Spirit of Grayskull" figure? Fans totally loved the look of the ultra-limited transculent version back in 2008 and would like to see a modified regular release.

If we did do a Spirit of Grayskull figure we would likely change him from the Employee/Charity figure and maybe do him in a slightly different color or add some deco wipes to preserve the original release.
Poe Ghostal

2.) Valo487 asks: I’m glad to see the Horde getting fleshed out a bit, but it seems like the rest of the Horde as well as the Snake Men are more unique sculpts. Can you give us a rough idea of when we’ll see the next Snake Man or Horde member?

More of both factions are coming, but we are not ready to reveal when yet. Too many factors are up in the air and we don’t want to announce things that could change.
The Ultimate She-Ra GuideNEW!!!

USRG: 1. Is it possible to pre-promote figures in the line on the back of boxes? (eg. assuming the reveals have been made; promoting Man-E-Faces on the Faceless One's box or Clawful on Catra's, for example)

Matty: Usually we can’t do this, as new figures are not ready in time for the box images.

USRG: 2. The first sentence of Catra's bio reads like a summary of the character's landmark moments. If it is written (and read) lineally, it suggests that she was given her mask on Eternia at the time of He-Ro. Can you clarify this or did she receive it on Etheria after the Horde had occupied the planet (as per her vintage origin)?

Matty: She received the mask previous to coming to Eternia for the first time with Hordak.

USRG: 3. When you reach the Rock People, would you imagine them to 'fold' into rocks as their vintage versions did?

Matty: That would truly be cool. But we will have to wait and see how the Horsemen tacklet Stonedar and Rokon when and if they make it into the line.

USRG: 4. Given that the Etheria map details the planet during the Horde occupation, does that mean a map pre-invasion would be possible?

Matty: Certainly. But nothing is planned right now.

USRG: 5. Have you seen the She-Ra Robot Chicken sketch and if so what did you think?!

Matty: All of the Roboto Chicken MOTU sketches are great! We are big fans of the show (have you seen Mo-Larr the action figure???)!

1.) After the reversed shoulders were discovered on Roboto, we were told that measures would be implemented so it did not happen again. Just a few months later, the exact same thing happens with Hssss. We know they obviously weren't successful, but exactly what measures were put into place after Roboto to prevent the reversed shoulders from happening again?

What we can say is we understand where the error occured and it was in different stages on both Roboto and Hssss which is why Hssss' error was not picked up. It occured earlier in the process then the Roboto's error.

2.) We have been told that "this is your Hssss people" and that the figure won't be replaced or refunded, since the shoulder issue wasn't deemed as being bad enough to warrant a fix. My question is this- Just how many issues would a figure have to have before it's considered wrong? Since putting the shoulders on the wrong arms and compromising the 4H's original sculpt isn't deemed as a big enough deal, just what would be a big enough deal to warrant calling a figure defective?

A good measure of this might be an error that would be noticed by your "average person". Maybe something like reversed feet or hands. The minor detailing on Hssss' armor that differentiates right from left wasn't even picked up by the 24 reviewers who recieved samples at NYTF. So it is with good faith we can say that the Hssss error is very hard to spot and does not warrant being defective when fan sites don't even pick it up. It was not spotted until after it was sold. (not that we wish we hadn't spotted it before production!)

3.) According to a posting from Toy Guru, there was supposed to be some kind of news at C2E2 about the DCUC VS MOTUC series... but nothing seems to have been revealed there. What happened, and what was the news supposed to be?

It would have been the next DCU vs MOTU 2 pack. It wasn't ready yet. Once it is we'll reveal it!

4.) The Leech and Hurricane Hordak reveals were quite a pleasant surprise! One small observation- The original Hurricane Hordak featured a vac-metalized torso, while the MOTUC version seems to have armor either painted or molded in gold plastic. We saw this same change from the vintage counterpart in the He-Ro figure. Is vac-metalizing not going to happen in this line? Is it simply too costly? (NOTE- This question was asked before it was revealed that Hurricane Hordak's armor would indeed be vac-metalized.)

Yes, as announced at Wonder Con, on Facebook and multiple times on our Mattycollector.com forums, he will have Vac-Metal on the chest armor.

5.) How do Hurricane Hordak's attachment's attach to his arm? It's tough to tell in the pictures. Many fans are hoping that the "male" end is on his weapons, and the "female" end is on the cannon arm, since this arm would be great for an eventual blue-skinned, cannon-armed Hordak!

The final figure's attachments will fit just like Roboto and Trap Jaw's attachements.

The sites listed below are the sites who want to participate in the Q&A round-up in these threads and on the He-Man.org homepage news entry.
Be sure to check out their sites! There's a lot there to see in addition to the Q&As.

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