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Queen Marlena and Cringer Update from Toyguru
April 30, 2011 8:40 pm by MegaGearMax

Toyguru returns with some news on how 2011 MOTUC SDCC exclusive Queen Marlena changes her outfit from Space Explorer to Eternia Queen and the final fate of a fully articulated Cringer!

Hey all,

Since we were not able to get the video posted on Friday (it is coming soon, as are videos of all our exclusives) I wanted to give a little insight and answer some questions that have been popping up.

So first off Marlena: She introduces a lot more of the "new" female parts that will come together with She-Ra 2.0 later this year.

Here is how her transformation works:

You can remove her Space Tunic (modified from Adora, note the "Glenn" on the front) or the Dress by pulling on the tabs/slots down the back. Both "outfits" have a slit down the back that connects through a series of tabs and slots. The dress is made of thin plastic similar to what Catra has for those who were at Wonder Con and saw her in person. (It is much thinner then say Carnivus' cape or even She-Ra 1.0's tunic). It works great does not hinder her articulation in Space mode. Obviously with the full length Queen robe she can't really bend her knees but her legs do move under the dress!

Under the tunic or dress is much of the new "female buck". It looks a bit silly without a tunic or dress on (we'll post an image next week since we know fans will want to see) but it does become the foundation of the character and the source of the articulation. It turns at the waist and has improved arm and leg movement. It looks similar to an art store wooden articulated figure in terms of "look" without a tunic or dress over it.

You then pop on a head (slip on the one piece Space Helmet and breast plate first for the Captain Glenn look - and FYI, the version we shot for our upcoming video turned out to be incorrect, it had a two piece space helmet - helmet and breastplate - which caused the helmet part to "bobble". We've since had it glued as one piece but of course still with a removable bubble)

Now you can arm her up with your choice of a hand blaster, riffle, royal staff or sword. She also has Adora's holster for use in her Captain Glenn look.

As stated previously, she will be packed out as Queen Marlena at SDCC and Marlena Glenn on Mattycollector.com after the show. Each will also have a unique bio. But all the parts for both "looks" are included in both pack outs at the bottom.

And finally Cringer, the added accessory! A lot of fans have asked why we went with a non articulated younger Cringer (well he can move his head and tail!) If we did a full adult sized Cringer with full articulation, that would take mega development and at this point we need to save that for figures like Hssss, Leech and other fully tool'd figures we want to get to one day like Ram Man etc...

We could potentially do an "adult" Cringer as a monthly slot as a fully tool'd figure. But to get a Cringer out now, this felt like a good starting point. Doesn't close the door, but doing a fully tool'd adult Cringer is not in the cards anytime in the next few years. Maybe down the road!

Hope this clarifies much about this set. It really came out fantastic and I am so excited to complete for the first time the Royal Family of Eternia (and Uncle Keldor is there too!)

See you all at SDCC!


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