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Quite A Few Figures with Multiple Heads are Coming And Other Questions Answered
May 13, 2011 12:28 am by MegaGearMax

As if revealing two brand new bios and packaged figures weren't enough, Toyguru and PollyGirl99 have answered even more fan questions!

Polly Pocket She-Ra Skirt Question

I was looking through the many great pictures that were taken of the Mattel SDCC exclusives at The Comic Bug and oulala noticed She-Ra only has the front of her skirt and no back. Frosta and Catra both have backs to their skirts. Will the final She-Ra Polly Pocket have a back to her skirt?

PollyGirl99: She-Ra Polly, Frosta, and Catra will all have backs to their skirts. This picture shows an early prototype of the dolls, so the details aren't 100% accurate. As soon as we get the final product, we will post new pictures. The final version of our 2011 Polly Pocket SDCC exclusive will be perfection!
Motu 2nd heads

Of the remaining figures to be released in 2011 (3 monthly + 1 quarterly) how many, if any, come with a 2nd head?? And since we're on the topic, how many 2nd heads can we expect in 2012 (if you're at all willing and able to divulge this info).

You will just need to wait for SDCC to find out all the details. I will say two things, 1: quite a few figs in 2012 will have second heads, and 2: one of the figures from 2011 will have 3 heads!

Mull that one over!
Change of plans now????

But Toy Guru, you said a time the this line foreseen even 2016-17, you change plans now????

We have MOTUC planned out on paper for a few years (in order to ensure each year has a strong offering and we don't run out of fan demanded and A list characters too soon), but NO Mattel line is approved by management past Spring 2012 right now. Each season we present the following year's line up for slot approval and in the case of MOTUC we hope to continue following our long term roll out. So far the line is not showing any signs of slowing and we hope this trend continues and we can keep following our on paper roadmap! Only time will tell!
She-Ra 2.0

Can you verify that the She-Ra that is going on sale on May 16th is the 2.0 version and not a reissue? It doesn't state whether it is a reissue or the one with the new body.

She-Ra 2.0 will be revealed at SDCC and will go on sale in late fall.
Goat Man!

Can you shed some more light on Goat Man's origins in MOTU.
I've just seen him getting bossed around by Beast-Man in one of the comics..
Also hoping that he is in the "to be done sooner than later" list..

Currently we do not have rights to the Golden Book characters. If that ever changes we would love to bring him into the MOTUC line.
Toyguru - Please, Please, Please read and respond

Is there anyway possible you can see to it that the ladies faces are painted going forward instead of having them cast in plastic. The original Teela is beautiful with her painted face.

Also all of the males have painted faces and look wonderful. The ladies stick out and look glossy.

Do you agree and do we have a chance of having this change implemented in the future?

This is a choice made by out design team, but I will certainly pass on the suggestion.

A lot of fans are under the impression that I control all aspects of the MOTUC toy line (or any other line that I manage). As a little insight, a marketing manager (my title) acts as (sorta) a "producer" of a line (to use a movie metaphor). But it is up to the members of the design team and the package team to make the day to day choices to produce the best product they can. I can't just command anyone from another cross functional group to change something or use a specific artist for card art etc...

This is why we hire talented toy designers and package designers for every line. It is there job to make these choices. While not all fans will agree with every choice they make, someone has to make the call!

I will do my best to pass on suggestions like this from fans but in the end these choices are left to the talented folks in the design group (or the Four Horsemen when it comes to sculpting). It is rude of me to step on their toes and "tell them" how to do their job.

Emerald City ComicCon

In the past 10 years the Northwest has been growing leaps and bounds with our own ComicCon:The Emerald City Comic-Con. Next year is the 10 year biggie. Is there any possible way to have an Exclusive at our Comic-con? Most of us arent able to hit the SDCC or NYCC or Chicago for that matter. It would be great to include your loyal Northwest fans in your exclusives or roster. Always a fan, but moreover a dedicated supporter of all things Matty!!

At this point Emerald City Con is not one we will be attending in 2011. We may look at it for future years but we don't have plans for this year.
2017 and beyond

It was established that the Masters of the Universe Classics line would last until 2017. Based on the clues given regularly, many rumors suggest that Mattel would have some "rights" in hands to go beyond 2017. If the collection continues beyond 2017, will fans of POP and NA see all vintage figures on sale ? With these hypothetical "rights", the collection will never be complete in December 2017 I think. I too think of very obscure characters (mini comics, Rotar, Twistoid, Double Trouble...)

Congratulations and thank you for this sublime collection.

The MOTUC line in no way is "set" to go through 2017 or beyond. We do have it plotted out "on paper" for quite a few years (in order to guarantee that as we go forward we have enough big guns for each year) but the actual slots for figures are only approved by management (right now) through mid 2012.

Each season we present the following upcoming season's slots to management for approval. At this point we are working (company wide) on Fall 2012 toys. Anything beyond that is just a road map on paper and not a guarantee of the length of any toy line for any brand.
Stratos' feet

Apperently, the MOTUC figures are based on vintage cardback art. it this instant, Stratos appears to lack toes.... so is the case with his MOUTC figures. I mean what's the secret to not having his toes visible, could he be wearing some special footwear?

There is not one universal rule. The Horsemen sculpt each figure to be an homage to the vintage figure. For some figures they look more at the card art, for some they go straight up with the vintage figure. This isn't something we direct the Horsemen on, it is there translation of each figure be it MOTU, NA, POP or 200X into "Classics" style.

Occasionally we have made a few (what we hope they consider) minor requests to the design, but I can say 95% of the design choices are totally the Horsemen.

See what the fans have to say HERE!

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