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Toyguru MOTUC Post-SDCC: Lower Production Run in 2012 and New Characters Past Marlena Won't Be Re-Issued
August 3, 2011 6:23 pm by MegaGearMax
Toyguru speaks!

He-Fans and She-Ravers,

With the 2012 Club Eternia sale in full swing and our SDCC reveals past us, I wanted to take a quick minute to clear up some questions and comments from the boards.

1: First off, yes, we are no longer going to be doing a second run of figures. This will start with Queen Marlena and move into Man-E-Faces and the other fall figures. We still have some older figures already slotted for line time and a second run that will be offered monthly(ish) in 2012. But starting with the July/August figures there will no longer be second runs of newer figures (at least for now, anything could potentially change down the road). So if you want Marlena, now is the time to buy!

Additionally, in 2012 we will be reducing our production of all figures above and beyond the subs. We will still have product on sale day for those who do not have a sub, but in general there will be a bit less. Your first, best and most reliable way of getting the figures you want is to sign up for the sub (and the only way to get Shadow Weaver--our first Filmation character!). This will be the case for all subscriptions, not just MOTUC.

2: Our Mattypalooza fan panel is available on YouTube (just search Mattypalooza 2011) thanks to a few great fan sites. We will have the slides posted in a week or so, but you can watch the whole panel and the Q & A anytime online.

3: All of the figures revealed at SDCC are final sculpts. By the time you are seeing them, we are past the point of making any actual sculpt changes!

4: Keep those Create A Character contest entries coming! A ton have been coming in from all ages (the crayon entries from children are especially heartwarming!) But wow! Some of you sent in some great photos of custom figures while others have amazing concepts for toys regardless of the artistic level (which is all that really counts in this contest -- artistic skill is not a factor!).

All of the brand managers will do their best to check on the boards this week. Hopefully this will answer most of the questions out there and I just can't wait for how great 2012 will be!


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