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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (9/15/2011)
September 18, 2011 2:14 pm by MegaGearMax
Poe Ghostal

1.) Chrissy asks: Could the next Skeletor variation (Terror Claws, Dragon Blaster, etc.) use Kobra Khans forearms and shins? This would alleviate some of the fatigue of getting another standard Skeletor body with new gear. And it would look great with Demo-Man’s freaky Alfredo Alcala styled Skeletor head.

This is something we have discussed with the Four Horsemen. Only time will tell!

3.) KillerBHive asks: Is it possible for Mattel (or Digital River) to look into a rollover system for subs, similiar to Big Bad Toy Store’s “Pile of Loot” where they hold items for you until you want them to ship? For example, I bought the Club Ecto-1 and Club Lion Force sub, and while both are scheduled to release their first items in January, delays can throw them off and then I’d have to pay shipping for each sub separately and any non-sub items that may be offered day of sale.

We actually did offer this in 2009 and their was so little interest that we did not continue this program after.

5.) Mysterious Stranger asks: Will the lower production numbers on MOTUC in 2012 affect the non-sub items like vehicles and weapons packs, i.e., will these be made in sufficient quantity to satisfy subscribers (like myself) and the sale day “cherry pickers”?

We are well aware of what the baseline is for all MOTUC items and will take that into account for non sub items.
Infinite Hollywood

1. With more and more MOTUC items being announced each year, is the collect and connect option for certain characters being reconsidered? It seems like this might be a good way to get in complicated characters like Modulok.

We won't be exploring a C&C strategy for MOTU as we already have a large scale beast/multipack slot in the line. This slot could potentially be used for a characters like Multi Bot or Modulok that have a larger piece count.

MOTUClassics.Com:How will Fisto’s fist be connected to the figure? Will it be compatible (removable) like Roboto or compatible (customizable) with Clawful?

Terry Higuchi from design is still working this out. Once it is finalized we’ll be happy to share.

MOTUClassics.Com: Do you have any updates for us on Draego-Man? Have you had to make any changes to get him under budget?

Terry from design and Eric from the 4HM are still working on this. Due to Draego Man’s large surface area, (due to the wings and tail) he required more deco compared to the average figure, so we needed to find ways to bring him into cost. Details are still pending.

1)TOYGURU said that during power-con you will present the C2E2 PANEL "making an action figure". My question is ,will you make it available after on mattycollector or on mattycollector facebook ?

Possibly. We are still looking into this. The panel requires a lot more discussion compared to the SDCC reveal panel that was mostly eye candy and did not need a presenter as well.

2) A message was put on mattycollector forum that Mattel is exploring possibilty of higher prices for Non Sub Holders on Sale Day for DCUC. It was also said in this post that the MOTUC action figures didn’t get a price hike for 4 years now. My question is, do you plan a price hike for MOTUC items in 2012 for “cherry pickers”?

Posssibly. We are still exploring this. Costs continue to rise and we are offten given a hard choice of removing accessories, removing deco ops or raising prices and we never want to sacrifice quality. Prices have remained flat for 4 years so a price change is inevitable in the long run. It won't affect 2012 sub holders as they are 100% locked in, but we do retain the option of increasing prices in 2012 for day of purcahses (Cherry Pickers). Whether this will happen in 2012 is still being reviewed.

3) Will Fearless Photog could finally be added in the 30th anniversary add-on sub, or will collectors may have to buy it on the sale day?

We are still working this out and hope to have an announcement by Power Con.

4) Thank you so much for the retun of mini-Comics!
If the 3 quaterly figures who will feature the mini-comics are selling well. Will you plan to produce an other mini-comics serie for 2013?

No. It was a one time deal through a special grant from management. We do not have the funds to keep the mini comics going long term.

5) The boxart made by Rudy Obrero for the new Windraider is great! If others vehicles are made in the future, would you ask to some of the vintage line artist to work on it. One name comes to my mind William George

Possibly. At this point we do not have another second vehicle locked in so that is up in the air. But you never know!

1) Since you announced that you're gonna raise prices for day-of-sales of next year's DC Universe figures, will the same happen to MotU Classics?

Possibly. We are still exploring this. Costs continue to rise and we are often given a hard choice of removing accessories, removing deco ops or raising prices and we never want to sacrifice quality. Prices have remained flat for 4 years so a price change is inevitable in the long run. It won't affect 2012 sub holders as they are 100% locked in, but we do retain the option of increasing prices in 2012 for day of purcahses (Cherry Pickers). Whether this will happen in 2012 is still being reviewed.

2) Will Fisto be able to store his vintage sword on the back of his armor, as well? Judging from pics, it rather looks as if only the broader, modern sword fits in there.

The larger "200X" sword fits into the back, the Tri-Klops sword in purple does not.

3) Many fans still like the thought of two subscription options - a basic sub, containing only the 12 regular figures, and an advanced sub containing everything. Can you give some details why exactly something like that can't be done?

Sorry, this is propriatory information we do not make available. We are well aware there is fan demand but it is not something we will be offering. Many fans want the MOTUC line to work exactly for their particiular buying habbits, and while we respect that, in the end, logistically to make the line work we need to combine all the items into one sub and that is the basis for all production.

4) International collectors worry that the combined shipping you announced previously will actually result in them paying more than when they got different subs shipped separately. Would it be possible to install an optional system where every subscriber can check or uncheck combined shipping for next year's items?

We are looking into this and hope to have some options in the near future.

5) Do you consider re-doing core characters in their original designs, but with a spin, such as He-Man with more articulation to pose him in his transformation stance? Or is that off the table for the foreseeable future?

We just did this with She-Ra so it is possible. But nothing is planned at this time.

1.) In previous Q & A sessions, you've stated that the identity or backstory of the green head included in the Eternian Guards pack will be revealed at a later time. Many fans assumed after seeing the new mini-comic that the head represented a "snake-ified" Man-At-Arms. In the last "Ask Matty" segment though, you confirmed that the head included in the Eternian Guards pack is not intended to represent the transformed Man-At-Arms. So the question then is- If it isn't Man-At-Arms, then what is it?

You'll just need to wait and see. As we said, that info will be revealed in time.

2.) I know this has been asked before, but have you guys given any further thought to doing additional mini-comics as digital downloads? Even if you can't afford to do new stories, making the existing vintage mini-comics available in this manner would be a real treat for the fans.

Sure we know there is fan demand but when we say we have limited resources for this brand that really is so. Right now we are putting all we can into the 6" figure line, we simply don't have the available resources to branch out to comics or DVDs right now.

3.) Are vac-metalized weapons possible within the constraints of the Weapons Pak production budget? It seems like this would make a perfect outlet for Vac-metalized He-Ro armor!

Possible yes, but as vac metal is a bit more expensive it would take funds away from other items in a pack or reduce the total number of items in a pack if we included some with vac metal. Hypothetically speaking of course.

4.) This one is for Scott- Now that Filmation is on the table, which version of Evilseed do you personally want to see in MOTU Classics first: Filmation or 200x style? My vote goes to Filmation!

From Toy Guru:

"Personally? I think Evil Seed would be a perfect candidate for two heads since he has two distinct looks but could clearly share the same body. We'll just have to see what design and the Horsemen want to do when and if we get to Evil Seed, and what the budget for the figure is! But if I had to choose one head I like the "2002 head" better, not that the onion isn't cool, just not my personal choice."

5.) Time for a hint please- Can you tell us to which allegiances the 3 unknown quarterly variants in 2012 belong? You don't even need to be so specific as to say "Horde", "Galactic Protector" or anything like that… Just a simple thing like "2 evil and 1 good" would be a fun hint.

Sorry, this is still influx so we don't want to announce anything only to wind up being wrong later in the year.

1. Toy Guru told us that Shadow Weaver only shares the shoulders with other figures...so ...does she get brand new hands?

Yes, she has new hands.

2. Queen Marlena had a very different look in 200x. IF and when you get to a variant of her, will she have the same headsculpt/ haircolour?

Only time will tell. These type of discussions simply have not taken place yet.

3. Can you tell us the points of articulation on Swift Wind?

Swift is articulated with ball joints at the wings, tail, head and neck. And a t-joint at the legs, knees and ankle.

4. Now that we are getting Photog and Strobo seems possible... what about Illumina?

All are possible. Time will tell. We would really need to see much more mainsteam support for a character like Illumina. We have done testing and outside of a small but loud set of fans on hard core MOTU fan sites she has very little recongnition or demand. We'd love to get to her but we would need to see a lot more support

5. A Max Steele set has shown up which reuses the Battle Cat body... Are there other toys out there that reuse parts of MotU figures?

The DCU Beast Boy and Wonder Twin set used the Zoar bird.

Is there any remote possibility of getting a 200X-inspired Man At Arms with pony-tailed head sans helmet as a possible quarterly variant?

We won't do exaggerated stylized 200X features but we could always explore a helmet less head as a variant one day!

Without giving out any specifics away can you at least confirm if a second MOTUC army-builder 2-pack is scheduled for 2012?

You will just need to wait and see. We aren't ready to comment on any 2012 skus past ThunderPunch He-Man at this time.

Will Mattel follow a specific structure to determine which three Filmation figures will be released each year? For example: (1 POP, 1 Masters, and 1 Golden Book) or will it be completely random characters?

MOTUC is much more of a river vs. a mathematical formula. Luckily fans have made numerous wish lists over the years so we have a very good idea of who fans want. Design, marketing and the Horsemen say down and reviewed all possible characters and slotted in 1-3 Filmation character a year, knowing everything is fluid and could change.

The vast majority of MOTU collectors have been asking for a Castle Grayskull playset in the line for years now but it seems that low sub sales for 2012 have halted plans for its release in 2013. How about doing a pre-order at the beginning of 2013?

Even a pre-order would take a huge amount of design work. If fans were to pre-order they of course would want to know specifics details that should expect such as size, features and scale. To work all of this out would still take a huge amount of design work and we just don't have the resources available at this time to take this on.

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