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Celebrate Illumina Day today!
December 15, 2011 9:40 am by JVS3

Fans started this fun event to help spread the word about Illumina and to show support for her. You can take part in this even if you had no idea who she was before. If you think she and/or her cat Sleetah would make a cool addition MOTUC, you should take part!

Fans can show their love or support for the Illumina character by posting fan art or some fan creation. This can be art, custom figures/statues/busts, t-shirts, ashtrays, mugs, stickers, crayon drawings, fan-fic...anything at all, really! It just has to involve Illumina.
You can also show your support by changing your avatar to one that features Illumina.

Illumina and her snow cast Sleetah were featured on an ad for an issue of the 2002 MVCreations MOTU comic. Illumina was created by Emiliano Santalucia, artist on the MVCreations series and many other MOTU related products since then, and Val Staples, writer on the MVCreations series and also director of Power-Con.

The original Volume 3 story never came out which featured Illumina. But the speculation and mystery about the character has grown ever since, with fans creating their own art and stories centered around who she might be.

Check out more info about the event on Darkspecter's site, which also includes signature banners and advertisement posters there as well.

Click here to discuss Illumina Day on the Org forums.

Also, please head over to the Illumina Facebook Fan Page and “Like” the Illumina fan page.

Thank you! 

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Illumina and her snowcast Sleetah
Illumina and her snowcast Sleetah
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