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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (3/1/2012)
March 5, 2012 8:39 pm by MegaGearMax

Ah, March! With a new month comes a brand new Q&A! Welcome new MOTUC site www.MOTULA.foroactivo.net to the Q&A's!



1) Since Frosta didn't have a shield in the 80s, would it still be possible to give her a different weapon instead, like a "comb-dagger"? Or is it too late and/or out of budget for that?

No. It is too late to add anything to her at this time.

2) Due to the material used on Snout Spout's trunk, the risk of tear or breakage is relatively high. Since the same counts for replacements, is there any way to get a head with improved trunk in the future?

We don't have plans for a new head but we will review the material to ensure it is improved on if ever used again on any toy line. Clearly this was not intentional.

3) Did last year's Grayskull Rack perform well enough to keep fingers crossed for more sets like that (f.e. the Grayskull throne which also could serve as Zodac's chair, or the Jet Sled) in upcoming years? Or do you rather focus on the Weapons Paks and Diorama Stands instead?

It did sell well, the issue is the tooling and the labor. The Horsemen can only sculpt so much in one year!

4) Back when Prince Adam was released, the final figure was missing the sword holder on its back. Are there still any plans to offer an improved vest with the sword holder one day in the future?

There are no plans right now.

5) Recently, rumors about a new She-Ra show are floating around the web (see: http://www.he-man.org/news_article.php?id=2369 ). Do you have anything to share about that?

There is no new She-Ra show planned. Rumor confirmed false.


Elkkthunder's Toyroom

Is the MAA Arm cannon to large/expensive to be in possibly the next planned weapons pack?

That is yet to be determined, but as of now the weapons pak does not have any tooling allocated. So it is not a question of size vs. tooling.

Is the possible re-run of Windraiders for SDCC, separate from any planned SDCC MOTU exclusive?



1. So, after the announcement that Frosta will be delayed- will there be no Club Eternia item be shipped in August? Why not move the Snakemen Guards into that months like you did before with the Star Sisters?

Sir-Laser Lot and the new Weapons Pak will still ship in Aug.

2. Fans are discussing the eyes of lovely Frosta as they seem very big with a lot of eyeliner. Will this be reviewed again?

That is up to the Horsemen who designed the deco.

3. The title of the second Mini-Comic is "He-Ro Unleashed"... can you spoil us with the third title?

"Battle for the Fate of the Universe". Incidentally, "He-Ro Unleashed" is not the title of the second issue, it is just the cover blurb. The actual title of the story on the inside cover is "The First Ultimate Battleground!"

4. If there will be an Eternian fire fighters- army builder pack sometime down the road- could you imagine packing in an extra Snout Spout head with a plastic trunk? It wouldn't need extra tooling…

A cool idea. Nothing set at this time but we will keep you posted.

5. The fan reaction towards the Snakemen soldiers has been great, but immediately they were asking for a green bodied Snakeman. Could you imagine doing a second army builder pack of these guys with a brown and green body and different heads? There should be enough parts out there to easily make this happen!

Doing a repaint in Red, Green or even the very rare Blue/Purple Snakemen are always a possibility.

www.MOTULA.foroactivo.net NEW!

1-Originally, Thunder Punch is a gift from Grayskull which is granted by Sorceress to He-Man. Why TP is granted to He-Man at this particular point in the story when the Masters are renegades and found Eternia overruled by Skeletor?

With Skeletor ruling Eternia and both the Snake men and Horde back, the Masters need all the help they can get!

2. Will Keldor's sword and MAA's armcannon come packaged with figures yet to be announced or will they come on this years Weapons Pack 3?

That is yet to be announced.Stay tuned.

3.We've read over 70 MOTUC bios (Electronic sword, Techno vest, two halves of Sword of HE) and we still don't know exactly when does Adam get the power of grayskull and starts becoming Heman. any comment please?

He gets it on his 18th Birthday.

4.Could you give us some fun facts regarding Sir Laserlot creation? Maybe some SLL trivia from Geoff?

Geoff is a busy guy, but essentially Sir Laser-Lot was a childhood creation of Geoff's.(although Geoff actually sent a different character into the vintage create a Character contest when he was a kid and didn't win). The all new bio (with Geoff's approval) will be revealed in time.

5. Right now there is the main subscription*, and the 30th anniversary, two separate and parallel MOTUC lines. Are there plans to use this method again? I mean release characters out of the main subscription line on a different sub.

Not really. We only offered the 30th sub because fans wanted to save on shipping but we did not want to include them in the main sub as not all fans would want the all new figures. But for those who did want them we wanted to help with shipping. This is a one year program and we don't expect to do it again. Going forward all items will be in one sub again to help us with quotas.


MOTUClassics.Com Asks: In the last Q&A, the reason for Fisto not having interchangeability was given as “the 4H didn’t design him that way”. Mattel representativess have made comments in the past that the Four Horsemen aren’t responsible for engineering the figures, so is interchangeability considered a design aesthetic? Should we be lobbying the 4H for future interchangeability or should we continue to lobby Mattel so we can get that feedback to Terry Higuchi and the rest of the MOTU team?

It is always a good idea to post your ideas on the Four Horsemen’s site as they often make these choices when designing the figure.

The sites listed below are the sites who want to participate in the Q&A round-up in these threads and on the He-Man.org homepage news entry.
Be sure to check out their sites! There's a lot there to see in addition to the Q&As.

ElkkThunders Toy Room
The Ultimate She-Ra Guide
www.MOTULA.foroactivo.net NEW!

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