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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (4/1/2012)
April 8, 2012 7:52 am by MegaGearMax

It's a new month and here are the new Q&A's from the beginning of the month! Mad props and kudos go out to .org member Scud for adding Preternia.com to MOTUC Q&A's Around the Net!


1. In the Q&A rounds there are often some suggestions made, like an orb holder for King Grayskull's orb that is now coming with the Temple of Darkness Sorceress. Are there any items in MotU Classics that have been inspired by us, who ask questions- and if so, what items are those?

We do look at fan boards and requests and many times our designers who are also huge fans are thinking along the same lines. We also had orbs rolling off our desks and wanted something to hold it!

2. The Snout Spout Staction came with a wrench that could be clipped onto his axe- while the "Jaws of Life" are a cool accessory, this one was somehow missing. Can we hope for this little accessory maybe with a later figure - or even a fire fighters two pack?

It is always possible but nothing is planned right now.

3. If Man-At-Arms would have been released in a two-pack, who would he have been packed with?

He would be great paired with any number of characters both villains or heroes. But there are no 2 packs planned right now.

4. There have often been some informations on upcoming figures been leaking. Have you shuffled any figures to keep the surpise factor, after those figures have been rumored?

No, we don't have the time table to change anything. This is why we try to keep our announcements until we are ready. If you want to be surprised, stop reading leaks! You can't have it both ways.

5. Congratulations for explaining, why Faker is blue-skinned! But... if Gar are not trustworthy on Eternia... why is Sy-Klone a member of the Masters of the Universe?

Keep reading the bios!


MOTUClassics.Com Asks: We understand that all of Mattel figures are subject to the same safety standards regardless of the ‘adult collector’ label, but do the Snakemen teeth have to be so rounded/dull? Is there anyway to make them appear more fierce and stay within safety guidelines?

Yes, we do have standards. Although these are adult collectables out of the box they work as kids toys so we have to apply that standard.


1-If the equipment wore by Zodac Zur and Kar-Tor were given to them alongside their roles as Enforcers, where did The Goddess get the one she gave to Wun Dar?

-That will be revealed in time.

2-Once the remaining 2 characters from the 30th ann have been revealed, could we then look at the bios and see something that will "relate" those six characters to one another? I mean would there be an underlying motive for those 6 characters to belong on the same line?

-No, all 6 will not be related. But some will.

3-Since He-Ro and Grayskull used the same sword at one point or another did they have the same strenght as He-Man?

-No. He-Man has the most.

4-Now, with Filmation rights, you can make high fan-demanded characters, such as The Sea Hawk. If Sea Hawk comes out, which version do you like to see? Normal version or with weapons and equipment from his father Falcon (as we saw him in "Anchors Aloft" episodes)? I'm such a big fan of this character and even I know that there are no concrete plans to see him I hope him to be released in MOTUC someday.

-That remains to be seen. We don't have a Sea Hawk figure planned right now so this conversations simply has not happened.

5-If Adam and Adora are Grayskull descendants, and Grayskull has a deceased brother, who follows this kinship to the twins? Does Grayskull has any sons? Are we going to see the full kinship to the present?

-Always possible. Keep reading the bios!

Preternia.com NEW!!!

Now that you have the Filmation rights, would a Filmation Skeletor be more of an added head to another figure ala Demo-Man, or his own release in the variant quarterly slot?

While we are going to be doing new Filmation characters (like Shadow Weaver) in Classics style, there really aren’t plans to do “animated” versions of the characters or Filmation versions unless the Filmation version is extremely different from the vintage/classic toy. King Randor is a good example as his Filmation look was very different from his toy.

The TRU Bizarro/Battle Armor Fakor went really fast and was never available at actual retail. Is there any plans to revisit the Battle Armor Fakor figure or even a reissue of that two-pack?

No, there will be no further production of this 2 pack.

Are Filmation variants going to be taking up the quarterly variant slots or will they be more like Vikor where they are different enough that they deserve their own monthly slot?

As mentioned above, if a character had a true different version/outfit in either Filmation or 200X they could be a candidate for a Quarterly slot. Randor (once again) is an example that works for both series actually! (not that this is a hint, just a good visual example).

When do you think we will get our first look at Granamyr?

He will be shown at SDCC.

I’m sure by now you have seen some of the Castle Greyskull front dioramas various people on the internet have made. Is there any consideration to doing a display piece like this instead of a full on playset that could cost multiple hundreds of dollars?

We have brought this to management several times and they were very clear that if we were to do Castle Grayskull we would not want to compromise and go all the way with a full playset.

Infinite Hollywood

1. With so many diverse toy lines out there, especially ones aimed at the collector's market, what do you attribute MOTUC's success to?

Passionate fans and a great bank of characters to choose from. In the end it is all the fans.

2. If you make a Gwildor figure, what's the over/under on him coming with a bucket of chicken?

Oh, totally must do the bucket of chicken!

3. Will Mattel every pursue a Julie Winston figure? Just like the Filmation rights were once off the table, will that be something that you might eventually want?

Not while the 1987 movie rights are unavailable

ElkkThunder's Toyroom

Any update on the Digital River enhancements to the website for subscribers.

Yes. It is coming. Right now the lawyers are holding it up while contracts are signed. But we are close!

There was a user report of credit card being stolen after use on Mattycollector. This was posted and then subsequently reports being called by Digital River- is this anything you have heard about?

We investigated this and it turned out to be not true. The post was a fraud, not the incident.

Kastor's Korner

Kastor's Korner: Recently, we noticed a figure named "Double Trouble" in the Skylanders toy series. Will this cause a potential problem with naming the Princess of Power character, like it did for Flipshot/ Icarius?

Matty: It is possible. We will have to cross that bridge when we come to her. It may be a case of a new name like Battle Fist vs. Fisto. But it will be the same character.

Kastor's Korner: The final release Temple of Darkness Sorceress was confirmed to have Teela's boots at Toy Fair, but is there a chance she can have Teela's entire legs, including the hip swivel that is missing on the new v.2 female body? We have really been missing this joint on the newer MOTU women.

Matty: No. We are only changing the boots.

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