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Answers to WTFWTK 2.88
November 4, 2012 1:06 am by JVS3

Mattel has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 88 questions!

This round of questions were selected by Penny Dreadful.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. grenadaspice: Many fans are worried that they won't get all the figures they want from POP, NA, 200X, Filmation, prototypes, and concepts if the line might go mainly vintage, with A/B-Listers from the other canons sprinkled in. Has there ever been any conversations of splitting the line up into 3 separate lines: MOTU Classics, POP Classics, and (NA) He-Man Classics? It almost seems like a good way off getting all the characters out, yet if allowing the fans to not have to subscribe to getting characters from a canon they don't care about.

MOTUC is one line that is all inclusive. There are no plans for separate POP or NA lines at this time.

2. Scorpia: Octavia looks AMAZING. You get a lot of flack, so I'd like to thank you for giving her to us. I'm a bit concerned about her tentacles. How is Mattel going to ensure the final figure doesn't topple over under the weight of her wide-spanning tentacles? And how do they fit underneath her hair, without pushing her head down so she's looking at the floor?

We are still a little far off from a tool'd model but the idea is the tentacles will plug into ball joints on her back. As far as toppling over, we'll do all we can to get her balanced.

3. bcrduke: Amazing reveals at Power Con and thank you for the Mattel presence there! Upon closer inspection of the sample Netossa in the case at Power Con, it became obvious that her shin/calf pieces were reversed. Will this be fixed? Please don't allow the next POP character to be ruined by this factory mistake.

Yup. These are corrected on the final figure. Often early hand made prototypes are done quickly for shows. The same thing happened to Mosquitor and he was corrected for production!

4. Swanmarsh: Now the road map has been thrown away, will Mattel reconsider its policy of re-issueing old figures repackaged with their alternate (200x inspired) head on display (i.e. MAA, Mer-Man, Whiplash)? This could be a way to make additional dollars off the old molds to help off-set cost of tooling new MOTUC figures.

Definitely not. New heads would require a development sku and right now we are going to use all the skus we have for new characters (or legit variants such as Thunderpunch He-Man etc…)

5. Wolfman Jake: I feel some boundaries were pushed too far with the death of many iconic characters in the service of "moving the story forward." A lot of fans have very strong attachments to these characters, and killing them off, especially so unceremoniously in certain cases, doesn't resonate well with the celebration of MOTUC. Would you and your creative team consider retconning or touching up some of these major character deaths in future bios or other outlets for the line's fiction?

Nope. Deaths, births and change is part of the MOTUC storyline and we will not be retconning it. But keep in mind that MOTUC mini comics and bios are not the definitive cannon. Adventures told in movies, animation or in your own backyard are just as legitimate.

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