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Granamyr News: Full Shipment Won't Make Sale Date + Bio Revealed
December 4, 2012 6:03 am by MegaGearMax

According to Toyguru, the full shipment of Granamyr figures won't reach Mattycollector.com by the December sale date! Here is his message below:

The full quota will not be here by the Dec on sale date(only some of it) and he will ship to customers in the order he is purchased. As we receive the remaining units throughout Dec he will continue to ship out. We are hoping to have samples to send out before the sale but their is no guarantee on that.

In other Granamyr news, Mattel has finally put out pictures of Granamyr's bio, as well as given fans another shot of his packaging! Thanks go out to He-Man.org members SCB (discovering the new pictures) and MISSILE-TOE (typing the hard to read bio out)!

Here is Granamyr's bio:

Granamyr - Great Magic-Wielding Dragon
Real Name: Granamyr The Wise

Granamyr is one of the oldest and wisest of the Eternian Dragons of Darksmoke, an ancient kingdom in Eternia's Dark Hemisphere. He greatly distrusts most men after the Great Wars between dragons and humans in ancient times. As one of the most powerful magic users on Eternia, he possesses such extraordinary might that even Skeletor dares not challenge him. When Man-At-Arms was turned to glass by an evil spell, Granamyr provided He-Man with healing magic, but only after Eternia's bravest warrior proved he had not only great strength but great mercy and wisdom as well. The ancient dragon Granamyr guards Eternia's magical secrets and rules all of Darksmoke.

See what the fans have to say HERE!

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Granamyr Package FrontGranamyr Package Rear
Granamyr Package FrontGranamyr Package Rear
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