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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (12/1/2012)
December 6, 2012 2:50 am by MegaGearMax

It's a new month and the bi-weekly MOTUC Q&A's have returned for December 2012! Read on to see what Matty has to see regarding fan questions!

Infinite Hollywood

1. Obviously you can’t reveal too much, but between some quick sell outs for certain figures and the success of Castle Grayskull pre-orders, is the MOTUC line looking “healthy” again? Obviously the line isn’t perhaps as popular as it was a few years ago, but there seemed to be an awful lot of doom and gloom earlier in the year. Are things starting to look up and is MOTUC on track to be still considered successful enough for Mattel to keep it going?

As long as we get the min number of sub holders each year it is doing just fine. As of now, we are planning the Aug 2013 release(s) and are starting to look into what a 2014 line could look like. Our goal is to get two more years (2014 and 2015) to try and “wrap up” the essential figs. It doesn’t mean 2015 is “the end” but it gives us an achievable goal, using years beyond that to possibly fill any holes through convention or special offerings if we can’t continue the sub due to rising costs and other factors.

2. It’s too early to know for sure, but if Castle Grayskull proves to be a big success, would Mattel potentially consider add-on packs? Stuff like the weapons rack (which has already been produced) but things that might could help dress up the castle? Alternate rooms or gear, as an example.

Yes, we could potentially look at this but no plans right now.

3. Castle Grayskullman turned out to be a huge hit. Arguably one of the best selling MOTUC figures in recent years. His fast sellouts were something of a surprise to many fans. We know that no figures were supposed to be re-released, but could he potentially be an exception if fan demand was high enough?

Definitely not. As a 30th anniversary figure he is special for 2012 and won’t be re run.

4. The Temple of Darkness Sorceress was announced as going on sale in December. She showed up in November’s Black Friday sale. She sold out. Is there still stock for a December sale or is she not going to come up for grabs again?

No, she is completely sold out at this point. We moved her up to Nov due to both Granamyr and Procrustus slipping to Dec (Granamyr was supposed to be Sept). Shipping dates are always subject to change.



Q: Now that Grayskull is a go and went above the minimum, is a yearly playset out of question? Snake Mountain for next year?

A: No, a yearly playset is not in the works. Right now we are just looking at the Castle.

Q: Is the extended order period something you are considerring for the subscription sales for 2014? Like possibly after we reach the minimum have a certain number of preorders still open a month or two later?

A: Yes, we are looking into whether we can offer this. We may open up the sub BEFORE SDCC knowing you won’t see the first few figures however until the show. You’ll just know the “slots” and price points to order early.

Q: Does the Grayskull project help tooling dollars towards other MOTUC ventures or is it strictly a self-contained project?

A: It is 100% self contained.

Q: Castle Grayskullman sold out really quickly this month, will we ever see him again?

A: Definitely not. He is special for the 30th and won’t be released again.

Q:Now that the 30th sub is over, I kinda miss it. Any chances of a new concept, filmation, or anything addon sub for 2013?

A: Nothing to announce right now!


1- Does the success of Grayskull allow for other vehicles/playsets? When might we know?

No. Right now we are just concentrating on the Castle. We don't have plans for more vehicles or playsets right now.

2- When will leftover TOD Sorceress be available? Will it be in December on the regular sale day so we can combine shipping with Granamyr?

We moved TOD Sorceress from Dec to Black Friday due to both Granamyr and Procrustus slipping to Dec. She is 100% sold out at this point. On sale dates are always subject to change

3- Is it possible that a line like the mini-masters could be produced under the pre-order model like Grayskull?

Possible sure. Happening now, no.

Kastor’s Korner

Kastor’s Korner: Given how well Mattel did with Castle Grayskull preorders, are Snake Mountain or other playsets being considered now, or not until after Castle Grayskull is released and final orders and payments have been tallied?

Mattel: Not at this time. We are putting all our energy into the Castle right now.

Kastor’s Korner: Why was Cy-Chop’s studded belt fully painted underneath when it was completely covered with an orange belt? Couldn’t that paint application cost be applied to lost paint applications like Frosta, or is each figure individually costed out?

Mattel: Each figure is individually costed. Losing paint from one fig does not give it to another. Each figure has to hit their financial targets.

About the sword of He: we know it was brought to Eternia by Ro, but then 2 questions arise: a) Was Ro the first bearer of the sword (no mention of who carried it before)? b) What power had the sword of He before Grayskull infused his power into it?

Ready for it: Keep reading the bios!

Now that we have Great Rebellion stickers, are there any chances to see a character from that group in 2013? (100% Filmation character not necessarily POP).

If you mean will you see members of the Great Rebellion in 2013? Yes. We already announced Netossa and their will be at least one more!

to scott ,MOTUC off-question what is your opinion on the motu DC comics so far?

From Scott:
I love what they are doing with the MOTU stories! So cool to see so many different interpretations and concepts being brought to life by the talented folks at DC!"

Does the box of castle Grayskull will be gigantic or you will do a maneuver like granamyr?

It will be pretty big.


Rock-Vivien asks: The Great Black Wizard introduced in the bio of Draego-Man is appearing in the 3rd Mini Comic. He looks awesome and I love new characters. Who has created the concept of him? Is it Scott Neitlich, Wellinton Alves, or somebody else?

Matty:We suppose you can say the concept was created by Scott but the visual was created by Wellinton. And incidentally, Draego Man's bio was written late in the game, he was not part of the 2009 master bios. How and when the Great Black Wizard would have shown up in the bios outside of Draego will be revealed in time!

Jason Zachery asks: If something as large as Castle Grayskull is a success, is it possible to see a pre order system for some figures out of sub using a pre order system, as a way to get to more characters. For instance two packs of NA, Son of He-man or POP? Or it might be a great way to get to the mini characters too.

Matty: It is always possible but we just don’t have plans right now.

Sean Chizmar asks: So far both of the "Traveling Exclusives" have been repaints of already existing figures and a diorama piece, is this slot going to be the way we get fan demanded repaint?

Matty:For 2012 and 2013 it is. What will happen in 2014 is too far off at this point. We don't even know if we will have a traveling figure that year. We are just too far off.

Telkan 2 asks: Can you tell us more about the Horde robot (who looks suspiciously like one of Hordak's transformed bodies from the Filmation series) that is fighting alongside the heroic factions in the third Ultimate Battleground comic?

Matty: Sure. His name is Spin Whiz and he is a Horde hunter robot that was captured and reprogrammed by the Masters.

Ealo Krill asks: A lot of european MOTU fans took the plunge and ordered a Castle Grayskull despite shipping and subsequent customs charges being so high. Is there any chance an EU distribution center may be up by the time CG ships?

Matty:No, we do not have plans for a EU distribution center. This is a very similar situation to when American fans want Japanese toys. Import fees are just part of the hobby. We wish we could make every item work for every customer and every buying habit but that just isn't always possible.


Nathan asks: Since Castle Grayskull far exceeded the pre-order minimum, are you already writing up your pitch for the Snake Mountain pre-order for management, or do you have to wait until next December after Castle Grayskull has already gone on sale?

Right now we are concentrating on the Castle.

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