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Granamyr AND Procrustus to ship late (UPDATED)
December 16, 2012 12:39 pm by MegaGearMax

Fans received some rather disappointing news in their e-mail accounts from Mattycollector about Granamyr and Procrustus -- both will be shipping late. While fans can order both of these giant-sized ancient Eternian characters on sale day, their inclusion in any order might prevent the package from showing up before the Holdays are over.

Dear Club Eternia® Subscriber,

We wanted to let you know we've just heard our shipment of Procrustus™ figures has been delayed. We'll receive him in waves and will ship out subscription orders as supplies are received. If you have multiple subscriptions that are combined, your orders will be held until Procrustus™ arrives. We're hopeful the delay won't be too long, but plan on an approximate 1 to 3 week delay just to be safe.

Although he's not a subscription item, we also wanted you to know that Granamyr™ is delayed as well. If you order him during our regular sale on Monday, December 17th at MattyCollector.com, any additional products you order at the same time will be held until Granamyr™ arrives. Please order Granamyr separately if you don't want your order held.

Toyguru had posted some further news on the subject:

Because Procrustus and Granamyr are running a week or two behind, for fastest deliver, order anything else without them separate to avoid waiting for your "full order" to arrive before shipping. And yes, Granamyr will be about a week later than Procrustus so for the truly fastest shipment all three would be separate.

But if you can wait a few weeks, everything will be here and you'll have all the new figs before you know it. Ideally everything will ship before Dec 31, but the full quota of P and G will not be here by the 17th in time for the sale.

As P & G come in they will be sent out in the order customers purchased with all sub orders being filled first for P before Day of (although when you receive is based on many factors such as where you live and what shipping method you use).

See what the fans have to say about this disappointing news HERE!

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