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Busta Toons' Blog update!
January 2, 2013 11:57 am by Busta Toons

It certainly has been a while...

James "Busta Toons" Eatock here, announcing that TEN more posts have been added to Busta Toons' Blog! As always feel free to discuss them in the appropriate thread HERE!

#0371 - Now that's a sword!
Skeletor wields his mighty weapon.

#0372 - Adora changes back.
A unique take on the transformation back.

#0373 - Original Bow!
One of Bow's numerous designs.

#0374 - Orko's comic strip #05
Orko displeases King Randor.

#0375 - Robin Davies' illustrated transformation!
Adora calls upon the power.

#0376 - Tracing a model sheet!
Don Manuel has some harsh words.

#0377 - The Power Blade!
The other name for the Sword of Power.

#0378 - Eternia's New Characters?
These two individuals appeared only once.

#0379 - Catra's Glamorous Cat.
Clawdeen finally appears!

#0380 - Orko revealed?
The memorable moment when Orko lost his hat.

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