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Toyguru Asks Fans About Less Expensive Figures for $20
January 18, 2013 1:04 am by MegaGearMax

After he posted Fang Man's packaged pictures and bio, Toyguru posted this message on the forums:

I've seen a lot of comments today on Facebook about Fangman not being worth $25/$27.00. I wish it was less expensive to make these figures but reality being what it is, production/material costs have risen necessitating this price increase (that in all fairness we announced back in July!).

As we start looking at a potential 2014 line, do fans want the same quality/accessories and package we have now, or would you prefer we found ways to cost reduce the figures back down to $20.00? This would likely include things like very minimal packaging (i.e. a polly bag), no accessories and reduced deco.

What say you? Keep as is or go for a less expensive version of figures that can come in closer to $20.00? Just curious what everyone's thoughts are.


What is your opinon on this matter? Post your thoughts HERE!

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