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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net For January 2013
January 27, 2013 4:29 pm by MegaGearMax

Here are the MOTUC Q&A's From Around the Net for January 2013!

Kastor’s Korner

Kastor’s Korner: Recently Bob Gale, the Back to the Future co-creator who publically endorsed the Hoverboard as it was originally presented, criticized the changes made on the final production piece. In light of this situation, have you considered a different approach regarding Castle Grayskull, to make sure both production and consumer expectations can be better managed, and buyers will feel more comfortable with the final product they receive?

Mattel: We’ll have the sculpt of the Castle to reveal soon (we hope at NYTF if it is ready) so you can judge for yourself!

Kastor’s Korner: In the last round of questions, you mentioned a 2-year roadmap to release as many classic MOTU characters as possible in the Classics line, but that the number would depend on how many slots both years include. What will impact this number? Will it be solely based on fan response (e.g. sub sales) or are there other factors?

Mattel: Yes. It is mostly based on sub sales which for 2013 was the bare min to go into production.

Kastor’s Korner: Ram-Man, while larger than a standard MOTU figure, is the first non-giant or beast deluxe figure. Does his release suggest that other off-size characters, such as Two-Bad or Modulok, would also likely be considered deluxe figures, if they were to be made?

Mattel: Less so for Two-Bad but we could potentially see Modulok or Multi=bot being released this way. Two Bad is really a basic figure. He isn’t larger, just has two heads and a slightly wider chest.


Q: How did Granamyr perform by Mattel’s standards? Did it sell well enough to warrant more $80 items in the future (outside the sub.)?

A: He sold very well and we hope to do more high price items in the future. He did sell much better compared to the Windraider.

Q: I am looking forward to NYTF reveals. Will we see at least 3 new reveals or more?

A: We hope so!

Q: The MOTU 30th Anniversary DVD set we were offered a MOTUC He-Man sword. Does this open doors for more official Classics accessories offered outside Mattycollector?

A: It is always possible if the right opportunity comes along!

Q: Toyguru, I was wondering if you have any New Years resolutions for 2013?

A: From Toyguru:
“My resolution is to spend more time with my family and have tea parties with my 2 year old daughter. Granamyr is her favorite guest – he is in perfect sitting position and holds a tea cup perfectly.”


DO4M asks: While we can't get variants because of the new MOTUC wrap-up roadmap, is it possible to "sneak in" things like an unmasked John Spector Head, or a Sir-Laser Lot head without his helmet (as seen in the DC SLL Story) with other MOTUC Figures Like it was done with Demo-Man and will be done with Strobo?

Matty:It certainly is possible. Can't say an unmasked Spector is high on our priority list, but we'll look into it.

Rock.Vivien.5 asks: Could you please tell us what are the differences (in term of duty) and the link between a cosmic warrior and a cosmic enforcer?

Matty: The Enforcers are a full force/army, the warrior is a single hero wielding the sword of He (at least until He-Man gets it!)

Domingo.Hernandez.71 asks:Many of us know the very talented Joe Amaro has make and will make a skull head, a helmet and a stand for us to use on our Castle Grayskull Man. My question is this, would Castle Grayskull man be re-release again in the future for the ones who want to make army builders with him?

Matty: No. There are no plans to reissue any of the 30th figures. They are sold through and won’t be offered again.

Constantinus Von Helsing asks: If Granamyr sells well, can we expect a green variant somewhere down the road?

Matty: While Granamyr sold very well, it really would have taken a sell out in a few days to justify a new run in a different deco. A green deco is not off the table but not in the cards right now.


Is there any possibility of a M.o.t.U. Encyclopedia? With all the existing characters, places and creatures.

This is something we'd love to do but no plans right now.

Who is Tufos? Will we know more about him in future bios? If not, please tell us who he is.

He is the Avion who took over for Stratos after he heroically sacrificed himself during the Second Ultimate Battleground.

We'd like to know, what's your opinion about the S.o.H. bible's Kay-La?

She is an awesome character we hope to get to one day.


Were the delays in Procrustus and Granamyr delays due to production delay or just shipping to the US?

A little of everything. But they made it!

Is Grayskull still selling well? Why not leave the sales thermometer up to reflect ongoing sales?

We need to cut off the presale to lock in material buy and sculpt resources. It sold very well. Above expectations.

When will the Toyfair collector event in NY be? Is date or time known yet?

It will be Sunday Feb 10th from 3-6 eastern.

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