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Answers to WTFWTK 2.94
February 17, 2013 7:48 pm by JVS3

Mattel has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 94 questions!

This round of questions were selected by King Tamusk.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. King Tamusk: You mentioned at NYCC that New Adventures He-Man was still in early development and that you were looking at adding additional pieces to get his various "looks". Was it determined, with costing, if he will have additional pieces?

Yes, he will also have a second head and his toy inspired armor.

2. wundarwarrior: You had said there would be a traitor in the bios, was Rattlor the traitor or is that plot point still yet to be revealed?

Yes, that was who we were referring to!

3. bskcase: Has a price point been set for the SDCC exclusive?

No, not yet.

4. facetWho is this Horde Character from the new third mini comic?


5. I, Harbinger: Will 2013 subscribers receive PoG or Great Rebellion sticker sheets?

We are working on a new sticker sheet for 2013. What stickers it will include remains to be seen.

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