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Mattel wants to know your top 3 questions for Design about MOTUC Castle Grayskull
February 23, 2013 6:12 pm by JVS3

Here is the informaton on how to participate.

Mattel is aiming to do an on-camera feature with Mattel Design to clarify your top three questions about MOTUC Castle Grayskull. It doesn't mean they only care about three things. Instead, this is them wanting to address the biggest questions right away.

This Q&A is with Mattel Design, not the Four Horsemen.

Post once and ask three questions for Mattel Design about Grayskull on this thread on our forums. It doesn't matter if someone has already posted the same question(s). This is about your top three questions.

Also, remember this is for Design. Price questions, preorder inquiries, shipping costs, etc, do not apply. This is about design related matters.

This coming Monday morning (around 9am EST), the thread will be closed and the three most commonly asked questions will be selected.

Any posts with discussion or more than three questions will be deleted. Same goes for any hateful, insulting or sarcastic questions. Let's keep this constructive. 

With all that in mind, please post your top three questions for Mattel Design about Castle Grayskull. If you do not have an account on He-Man.org, please click here to register. If you find you cannot register due to e-mail restrictions, please refer to this page for additional registration options. Thanks!

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