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Busta Toons' Blog update!
March 7, 2013 4:39 pm by Busta Toons

James "Busta Toons" Eatock here, announcing that TEN more posts have been added to Busta Toons' Blog! As always feel free to discuss them in the appropriate thread HERE!

#0416 - Skeletor: Lord of the Air! #1
Buzz-Off and Stratos encounter Grangers!

#0417 - Skeletor: Lord of the Air! #2
The Heroic Warriors plan to ruin Skeletor's school!

#0418 - Timm Transformation!
Bruce Timm works his magic once again...

#0419 - Coloring Tongue Lasher!
Mattel's original design influences Filmation.

#0420 - The Origin of He-Man starring prototypes!
He-Man and the original Teela prototype...

#0421 - Skeletor's action figures...
Skeletor enjoys playing with action figures, too!

#0422 - Battle of the Titans #1
He-Man fights toe-to-toe with the Sun Demon...

#0423 - Battle of the Titans #2
He-Man figures out how to defeat the Sun Demon!

#0424 - Peekablue, not a fan...
Peekablue without her feathers.

#0425 - A lonely figure...
One of He-Man's greatest feats is a subdued one.

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