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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net For March 2013 - Part 1
March 9, 2013 8:30 pm by MegaGearMax

Here are the bi-weekly Q&A's for the beginning of March 2013! Read on to discover what burning questions Mattel has answered this time!


If the 3 Movie Figures get a release, will they be based on their simple vintage designs? Or they will be given a more realistic & detailed look according to what we have seen on screen, for example, Gwildor figure's hair or Blade's mail are really different in appearance and form of what we saw in the movie.

If we got to a Blade, Saurod or Gwildor in MOTUC they would 100% (at this point) be based on the vintage toys.

What is the Star Prison's origin? Is there any agreement, arrangement or interplanetary federation that has supported the creation of this institution? And if so, Eternia is in that group of planets?

Ready for it… keep reading the bios!

Have you considered the idea of ??including Filmation logo or a "burst" saying "As seen in Filmation!" on the figure's packages only as a nice touch to the figures based on the cartoons?

A cool idea, but we don't have plans for this at this time.

Considering the Preternia map and the minicomics, it can be seen that the three towers differ in size and distance from each other, personally, I think that the dimensions and measures of Preternia map are best be adjusted, but... What are the actual dimensions? The ones on the map or the minicomic?

The Viper and Grayskull Towers magically move.Sometimes they are close, other times they are spread across the planet.Central Tower is planted firmly.This was part of the Treaty of Jebraki signed after the Great Wars.

If we get to the M.o.t.U.C. Sorceress Teela, will we have the simple design that we see in the minicomic P.o.G? Or we will have a similar design to Veena & Teelana Sorceress with their respective clothing.

Anything is possible.We don't have this figure planned right now and usually these choices are left to the Four Horsemen.



1. So MOTU has been strong enough to get a lot of stuff greenlit. Even though it hasn’t been as strong as it was in year’s past, we’ve still gotten Filmation subs, Caste Grayskull, etc. So how about the Mini Masters? Why are they still out of reach?

We are still looking into these and hope to find a way to get to them. Too cool not to if we can!

2. Obviously this would likely be on a case by case basis, but if the Filmation sub does good, could we potentially see other small subs like this in the future? Say another Filmation sub or a Mini Comics sub? To help those core teams.

Anything is possible but right now we are concentrating on the 2013 Filmation sub first.


Can you tell us the exact height of the Castle Grayskull prototype shown at Toy Fair? A lot of people seem to be complaining that it’s much shorter than originally proposed on the B-Sheet, but to my eyes it looks almost the same height. So I was wondering if we could get the exact dimensions on that to compare to the original B-Sheet. Thanks.

We just posted a video on Youtube/Facebook showing it compared to the vintage and 2002 Castles. It is about 23″ tall.

We know that some of the accessories with Castle Grayskull shown on MTV Geek’s reveal video won’t be included, such as the dungeon grate. Will it be possible to get that, with some more accessories for Castle Grayskull, in a future weapons pak? Or possibly just release the dungeon grate by itself? Also, will the sticker that comes with CG be pre-applied, or will we have to apply it ourselves?

We would love one day to do an add on accessory or “furniture” pack for the Castle. Nothing planned right now, but not out of the question to get some more accessories out there!


1. Shokoti comes with a darkling creature. What a great accessory! But will it come with the doomseeker/Orko flightstand so we can display it properly?

No, a stand could not unfortunately be included.

2. A lot of fans have been unhappy with the colour choice for Frosta and Netossa. Would you consider giving Icer the slightly greyish white used for the Temple of Darkness Sorceress instead of making him a flat grey like Frosta?

We will definitely pass this suggestion on to design!

3. Batros was a villain that has been recruited be Skeletor. Still he totally looks like a Horde member (not only because of the red bat symbol, but also by the "monster themed look" of the first Horde members). Is he a candidate for a Horde sticker on his blister?

No, he was not a member of the Horde in the show and won't be getting a Horde sticker, BUT extra Horde stickers were included in the subscription sticker sheet a few years back so if you want to recruit him into the Horde you can do so with this sheet!

4. The shields for the PoP ladies are all for their left arm. Castaspellas left hand is the spellcasting hand known from Battleground Evil-Lyn and Catra. Is her energy blast meant for the right or left hand (or will it fit on both hands) and if for the left hand will her shield still attach?

We were not able to retool the shield but you can clamp it to either arm. The blast spell effect only fits over the spell casting hand.

5. “The Goddess” and “He-Ro's sword” both have been made out of clear plastic that was painted over. Both show paint scratches/ paint peeling off. Now there's an translucent Icer figure to come. Will you make him out of coloured translucent plastic or will he be painted over like the Goddess?

The Goddess did not come with a sword but sorry to hear you have had any QC issues. At this point Icer is still too far off to confirm these specifics.


Will the MOTU clamshells be always available or are these for one production run and limited?

They will be sold until they sell out!

Will the Grayskull box art characters selections be announced prior to artwork or will the art be shown and all revealed when ready?


The fact that Fangman wont be available for Day of Sales, is that due to lower production or just a perk for subscribers?


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Watch out for Part 2 later on this month!

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