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Fan Art of the Week: Evil Warriors!
March 12, 2013 3:07 pm by Captain Atkin

It’s time to introduce a new weekly feature: Fan Art of the Week! Each Friday, we will be focusing on art from members of He-Man.Org. This week, we feature an exciting illustration from Org member PO!

"...I've been a huge fan of Masters of the Universe ever since I was a child. I love the cartoon and the action figures series. For this illustration, I mixed different characters from the Filmation cartoon, plus some mini-comic versions and two new characters from my own creation. My idea for the illustration was to create a unique image (and yeah, Stratos is a hero, but we all remember that old mini-comic where he was working with Skeletor). I did a similar piece for the Heroic Warriors, which can be seen in the Fan Art section of He-Man.org. I'm also planning on doing similair illustrations for the Evil Horde and the Great Rebellion in the near future..." 

Check out EVIL WARRIORS below!

You can see more of Patricio Oliver's art in our Fan Art section HERE!
Check out his personal website at www.patriciooliver.com.ar

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