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Fan Custom of the Week: Blackstar!
March 20, 2013 8:45 pm by Captain Atkin

It’s time to introduce a new weekly feature: Fan Custom of the Week! Every Wednesday, we will be featuring customs from members of He-Man.Org. This week, we feature an amazing custom action figure from Org member FakeEyes22!

"...This is my first and only MOTUC custom, John Blackstar! He's the hero of the short lived Filmation "Blackstar" cartoon and action figure line. The idea for this custom came to me the instant I saw that "Masters of the Universe: Classics" figures could stand upright. The way the original Blackstar stood straight up made him unique to me among the other MOTU-style toys that were around back then. This guy was a barbarian, sure, but he was going to be civilized about it. Oh yeah, he also had a really cool sword. That's always important. 

I've only done a few customs, so I had to learn quite a bit on this one since I'm not very experienced at sculpting. Blackstar started out as a TRU 2 pack He-Man. The cape is from the Superman in the same set, modified with some sculpting and painting. Boots, head, belt & bracelets are sculpted right onto the figure. Necklace was sculpted to be removable. Swords and Sheath were fabricated by cutting and sanding bits of plastic. Silver for the show, translucent yellow to represent the glow in the dark sword from the toy. Sheath attaches with a loop I sculpted to hook onto the necklace and cape."

Check out BLACKSTAR below!

You can see more pictures of Blackstar in the Custom Creations section HERE!

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