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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net For April 2013 - Part 1
April 1, 2013 10:30 pm by MegaGearMax

The April Q&A's are here! Check out what Mattel has to say concerning the fans' various answers about Classics!


1. Direct question to the 4 Horsemen/ design: Some armors that have been very tight on the prototype turn out to be wider on the final figure. This can clearly be seen on figures like Spikor and Snake Face. It is not a big issue and only natural in the toy making process, but it hinders the arm/shoulder movement a little bit. Could you imagine designing future armors a bit different, so that some space is left under the arms and the armor doesn't hinder articulation?

Sorry, this forum is for questions to Mattel brand managers and designers. If you have a question for the Horsemen you need to post on their site or ask them at a convention.

2. Toy Guru has stated that 5 out of 6 figures from the filmation sub will have day-of-sale product. But what about the main sub? will there be more figures in 2013 that won't hit mattycollector's shop?

Yes, it is very likely there will be additional 2013 figures without Day of stock in 2013 as noted when we sold in the sub last summer.

3. Usually the SDCC exclusive(s) are revealed in April. Any idea how and when you will show them?

Ideally also in April. It depends on when we have final samples really.

4. When it comes to the PoP ladies usually we get the filmation look for them and a lot of people are fine with it, as this is the most iconic look. Nonetheless some people are constantly asking for toy versions. So, if and when you get to Glimmer, would you consider doing two different heads for her, because this girl has two very different looks, especially concerning her hairdo.

We don't have a Glimmer figure planned right now so we simply don't have info to announce. But cool suggestion!

5. There is a lot going on with merchandise right now, new busts, statues, bobbleheads, cookie cans. But what do you think about some in-house cross-overs? It would be a lot of fun for collectors if you could team up with Hot Wheels and do some mini MotU-vehicles or the Barbie team and give us a She-Ra and Teela Barbie or something like this.

We actually did release a series of MOTU Hot Wheels last year as singles and a multipack at TRU!



Kastor’s Korner: During membership drives like 2013 MOTUC, DCIE, & Castle Grayskull, there was a lot of begging on the part of Management, the sculptors, and even Digital River to have us buy a subcription. If the situation was that dire, how then were you able to get an additional Filmation subscription set up more recently? I am SO happy and relieved the line isn’t riding off into the sunset, as was feared.

Mattel: Sorry, we can’t go into detail on our internal strategies for product offerings. But the MOTU base is clearly strong enough to support more figures, which is a good thing!

Kastor’s Korner: Is the rapid sell-out of Strobo at Early Access a good demonstrative tool to show Upper Management that more convention exclusive SKUs should be added? Many related conventions similar to Power Con offer “sets” and “teams”. White “200x” deco Marlena/Filmation Captain Glenn, Kamo Khan, and Comic Ram-Man vs Comic Trap-Jaw, and green Granamyr are examples of easy figures to produce with no/minimal new tooling and it’s a good venue for them, no?

Mattel: We may have a few surprises up our sleeves!

Kastor’s Korner: Strobo is in a unique situation, in that unlike other Matty Collector products, he will be released at multiple venues over the next seven months. Given his incredibly fast sell-out during the March early access, is there time to increase his production run/ go back into production to accomodate the seemingly under-predicted demand for the figure? Boosting supply seems like it would lead to happy fans and more products sold, which seems like a win-win.

Mattel: No. His full production is complete at this point and we are holding units allocated for sale at the 2013 traveling cons. The early access quota was an above and beyond bonus we did not do last year but wanted to offer in 2013 for sub holders.


While Hordak was trapped in Despondos, where was Horde Prime and why he didn't set Hordak free? And how did he live for thousand years too without getting old?

Keep reading the bios and mini comics!

Talking about the figures' international shipping and the its costs; wouldn't it be viable as a method to reduce shipping costs and avoiding any lost figures to use the possibility to send the M.o.t.U.C figure to all the different Mattel branches in all countries and continents with, for example, Hot Wheels', Barbie's or Max Steel's productions and then from there, distribute them through local postal service?

Unfortunately no. The facilities we have around the world are not set up for DTC distribution. They are set up to move large quantities of retail product to retailers. It is a very different system.

Scott, in your today's point of view, can we keep at least a little hope that we finally will get a 2014 sub? And if the 2014 sub happens, do you think that it is viable to get a 2015 sub?Thanks, if there's a minimun way to have M.o.t.U.C. in 2014 and 2015 we will be really happy.

That is 100% up to customers. We will offer a 2014 sub with a min number we need to hit to move forward. If we hit it, we will do a 2014 sub. If we do not, we will end the line after 2013. We can only make toys when there are customers to buy them!

Now that we've seen released in M.o.t.U.C such original characters from the comics, such as Strobo or Horde Prime's second head, along with another references like the Prison star, is there any chance to see released another renown characters with certain fame like the Morcs warriors (Interpart, Germany), Scrollos, the Saans, the Merlantis' fish men (London Editions, U.K.) or Shezar (Abril, Brazil) alongside so may others?

All of these would be great additional but right now we are concentrating on the vintage line and the major animated and mini comic characters for 2014. These type of suggestions may need to wait until 2016 and beyond.

Does Mattel has total freedom to write the bios based on Filmation's designs and Filmation's sub? Or because copyright reasons are you limited to not change what we've in the cartoon show?

All of the bios (except the new Filmation ones and the 2012 30th anniversary figures) were written and approved in 2009 so we are not going to rewrite them now. It would make an already complicated process a bit more complicated!


No numbers, but is Strobo 2013 quantity the same or more/less then for TOD Sorceress from 2012.

He is around the same quota as TOD Sorceress.

Will a production Castle Grayskull be ready to show at NYCC in the fall?

Yes, it should be

Will the SDCC items sold after the show be available via early access?


Are problems such as MOTU subscribers being charged for the map and Filmation orders having to be replaced due to a glitch- something that was a mistake by Digital River. While customer service has improved, these still occur.

Yes, there will always be small issues that crop up and we will do our best to address and ideally resolve them as quickly as possible!

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