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2013 Club Eternia AND Filmation Subscriptions Are Re-opening from 4/15 – 4/30!!!
April 4, 2013 9:33 pm by MegaGearMax

Great news for all of the fans who wanted to buy a sub, but found out about the enrollment too late! Read on below!

Toy Fans,

One of the biggest requests we get is from people who missed the subscription enrollment period and want to jump into the current year. If you’re one of them, here’s your chance because we’re re-opening enrollment in our 2013 subscriptions!

This is a “club light” kind of thing… subscriptions purchased during this period will include figures released from May through December of 2013 (figures released January through April aren’t included). We’ll update each club’s product page with all the details when they re-open for purchase on 4/15, but here are the basics:

Subscriptions Available

4/15 9am PT thru 4/30 11:59pm PT

Club Eternia®

Monthly subscription includes one figure approximately every month for eight months from May thru December 2013 for a total of eight figures. The total commitment will be $350 (8 monthly figures @ $25 = $200), 3 beasts/variants/multi-packs/other (1 each at $25, $50, $75 = $150) plus shipping/taxes/fees. There is no membership fee and the club-exclusive King He-Man™ figure with map of Subternia and voting privileges for the packaging art are not included. Upcoming figures revealed to date are Karatti™ (May), Octavia™ (June), Clamp Champ™ (July), Castaspella™ (August), and Mantenna™ (October). Please note there is no September figure and instead we’ll have two basic figures in October – one is Mantenna™ and the other will be revealed at SDCC.

Club Filmation

Monthly subscription includes one figure approximately every month beginning in July for a total of six figures. The total commitment will be $150 (6 figures @ $25 per figure) plus shipping/taxes/fees and there is no membership fee.  Upcoming figures revealed to date are Icer™ (July), Shokoti™ (August), and Batros™ (September). We’ve also revealed a mysterious sword that will belong to the November figure. Find out its owner at SDCC, along with the October and December figures.

Early Access

New subscriptions for Club Eternia®, Club Infinite Earths, and Club Black Freighter get Early Access beginning in May 2013 and all Club Filmation subscriptions get Early Access beginning in July 2013. 

Combined Shipping

If you have current club subscriptions and purchase additional subscriptions during the April open enrollment, all of your subscriptions will be eligible for combined shipping the next time after the new subscriptions initially ship. New Club Eternia® and Club Infinite Earths subscriptions will be eligible beginning in June (the first month they ship is May), new Club Black Freighter subscriptions will be eligible in July (it’s bi-monthly and begins in May), and new Club Filmation subscriptions will be eligible in August (it begins in July).

Purchase Limits

There will be a limited number of these subscriptions available. You can purchase as many new subscriptions of any kind as you like until they sell out.

Again, these “club light” subscriptions will be open from 4/15 at 9am PT through 4/30 at 11:59pm PT.


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