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Toyguru speaks on Rokkon and Stonedar
May 1, 2013 12:55 pm by MegaGearMax

Toyguru popped in on the forums with more info on Rokkon and Stonedar, MOTUC's 2013 SDCC exclusive two-pack! He answers a few raised fan concerns, most notably price, availability and why Granita (the female Comet Warrior that the Filmation cartoon featured alongside Rokkon and Stonedar) was missing.

I have been waiting SO long to get to these guys!

Rokkon was by far not only my favorite MOTU fig, but he was just one of my favorite toys in general as a kid. Stonedar was cool too, but Rokkon was my fav. And now we get him at last. So cool. They have been sitting way out on the roadmap for so long, I often wondered if I would even still be on the line and around by the time we got to this set in 2013. But man, here we are. SDCC 2013. Oh man, the Rock Warriors at last!

Honestly had my doubts back in 2009 if we would make it this far, but man, no fans like He-Fans to keep a line going! So glad to finally have my favorite MOTU figure in Classics!

I haven't read through this whole thread, but it looks like overall folks are pleased with this one. Really glad for that@ To blast through some common questions:

The set is 60.00. You are basically getting two 30.00 (Ram Man size) figures. With all the extra rock parts (especially the add on bottom part) there is way more per figure vs. what we could do with a monthly 25.00 slot. This is also one reason we didn't want to include Granita. A 90.00 set with three 30.00 figs felt too high and we can always find a way to get to her down the road. Just because we aren't doing her now doesn't take her off the table.

But yeah, while I am a Granita fan, Rokkon and Stonedar are the Comet Warriors. They were the vintage toys and I have to be in that camp on this issue in the end.

And yes, also the cross sell does show some legs bands that we couldn't tool. The final figures are the lose figs and the packaged figs in the shots. Often (well, always) the cross sell shots are done off of the prototypes and some things do change along the way. In this case it came down to tooling and we really maxed out. It was leg bands or laser gun accessories and we went with the accessories. Never an easy choice, but that was the mind behind the madness on this choice in what to include (we obviously didn't want to lose the rock armor and both figs have 100% unique rock armor each).

All and all a fantastic set. The armor pieces clip onto the existing joint indents on the elbows and knees. The leg armor also can snap together in the back. There is a "tail" piece in the back that is articulated up or down on a hinge to help with posing and the transformation. They can transform pretty quick and the armor stays on very tight (although if you do full armor it clearly will limit the articulation as you lose elbow and knee movement (like the vintage figs).

There will be no difference between the one at the show and online. Sub holders will get early access to all of the SDCC items when they go on sale in Aug (isn). But first shot is at the show!

And no, this set is not in the subscription as noted at sign up.

That's it for now. And if you are in the South Bay area, stop by the Comic Bug this Sat for Free Comic Book day and see Rokkon and Stonedar in person. (after that they go back on my desk, Spector needs his crime fighting partner Rokkon --in my own non MOTUC bios person cannon that is! Go Spectormobile Go! Right on Rokkon! I kill me.)

See ya at the show


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