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Fan Art of the Week: Frank Langella as Skeletor
May 17, 2013 3:40 pm by Captain Atkin

This week's awesome fan art comes from He-Man.org member Skeletortilla.

"...This is my portrait of the great Frank Langella in his unforgettable role as Skeletor! This painting offered a unique challenge, because Langella's face is almost completely hidden by makeup, so his likeness is conveyed by his eyes alone. Also, it was a challenge to bring a lot of color to the almost stark white face using only the lighting. Hope you all enjoy!"

This exciting painting appeared on the cover of
Shadowland Magazine #4, for their classic Masters of the Universe movie retrospective.

You can see more exciting artwork by Skeletortilla by clicking

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Frank Langella as Skeletor
Frank Langella as Skeletor
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