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Fan Custom of the Week: 200x Prince Adam
June 20, 2013 12:53 am by Captain Atkin

This week's cool custom comes from He-Man.org member He-Bro!

"I had the 200x version Prince Adam, and decided to take his vest off and put it on a "Kamandi" action figure too see how it looked. Prince Adam’s hair was too lame, so I used a 200x Ice Armor He-Man’s hair. After the hair implant on Kamandi I realized that he had no ears. To make the ears I mixed different hot glue colors in a paper cup with a heat gun. I then sculpted the ears, by looking at the 200x Prince Adam head.

I heated up the 200x Adam figure and popped off his gloves. Then I cut the Kamandi figure's arms in the same place, and drilled holes to match the gloves. I also trimmed the end of the insert pins of the glove to fit. I painted his torso white, pulled off the 200x Adam's belt and put it on Kamandi. I grabbed a Queen Marlena gun and holster to make the strap to go across the front. I used a "Captain Cold" DCU figure for his pants and boots. My plan was to combine them at the waist, but as I was pulling him apart I decided the best place was really the ab-crunch area. So I kept Captain Cold’s ab-crunch to his feet the same, and pulled apart my custom figure to fit them together.

Being that I have only customized MOTUC figures in the past, I was expecting that these figures would fit together seamlessly without any problem. Boy was I wrong! After about 2 hours of careful dremel-ing I got it to fit. I reassembled the parts, and then painted the new ab-section white."

You can see more cool custom creations by He-Bro by clicking HERE!

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200x Prince Adam
200x Prince Adam
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