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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net For The Whole Month of June 2013
June 24, 2013 11:53 am by MegaGearMax

Here are the Q&A's for the entire month of June!


DC showed up a new outfit for He-Man and, as the same did with Despara, is Mattel totally involved with that? Or it was just an exclusive DC concept?

While Mattel helped with the designs and provided input, these are DC created looks for the characters for the DC storyline and cannon.

And about that new outfit, DC is involved in all this, will there be an explanation for such a change?

You'll need to keep reading the DC comics for the full scoop!

With the confirmation of the crossover between DC and M.o.t.U, is Mattel thinking about to make benefit of that somehow? I'm talking about figures.

We don't have plans right now. We did offer a Superman/He-Man 2 pack at Toys R Us a few years ago but that line did not meet sales expectations.

Until now, according to the bios, the 3 N.A. mutants that have been released in M.o.t.U.C. lack of a higher intelligence, in other words, they're really stupid. Is this the best that Skeletor could find in Denebria? Are you gonna keep using the same intelligence pattern for the rest of the mutants?

In terms of the MOTUC bios, we tried to use as much "vintage" existing copy as possible in all of them. In the case of all of the NA characters (both Mutants and Protectors), the vintage NA line was one of the only vintage lines that had definitive bios already from the vintage era. So your question really applies to the writers of the original bios from the 80's for these characters. We picked up the bios straight from their vintage package, minimally adding or expanding to fill space as needed.

Recently there has been a query about the M.o.t.U.C. figures release preferences; A) Keep everything the way it is with monthly releases or B) The possibility of a quarterly release for the figures, to this, the international shipping would be considerably higher and that's why I ask; are there any true chances that the actual figure releasing changes for a quarterly sale?

For 2014 we are going to try and offer Quarterly hold and shipping options to help fans save on overall shipping costs.

Hordak.de (part 1)

1. We know that we will see the final Castle Grayskull at SDCC. But can you tell us already, if there have been more accessories cut and if you could figure out how to lower the jawbridge?

At this point we have not cut anything shown at NYTF and yes, the Jaw Bridge has been lowered into the base to accommodate more room for figures!

2. Are the Mini Masters a one-shot thing or may we see them return with more figures down the road eventually?

That all depends on how the SDCC item performs!

3. Two years ago we've learned that Marlena found out about a connection between Earth and Eternia. Since then this storyline is a lose end. Will we learn anything about this mystery soon or do we have to be patient and wait until a possible 2016 to learn more about it?

The storyline isn't loose at all and this "connection" was written into the bios/MOTUC cannon from day 1. Time will tell when and if all the details are revealed, but we can tell you it is related to the genealogy of her children.

4. You told us, that PoP and NA variants as well as some more obscure NA characters are excluded from the new 2014-2015 Roadmap. But what about the remaining vintage variants like Terror Claws Skeletor, Buzz Saw Hordak and Laser Power He-Man?

We would like to get to the major variants, especially from the vintage MOTU line. But time will tell if we have enough customers to keep the line going long enough to get to all of these variants. We can only make figures when we have enough fans buying them!

5. Do you have plans for Strobo's gun that was cut?

Nothing to announce yet. Stay tuned.

Hordak.de (Part 2)

1. There is an interesting discussion going on in a German forum. Some people consider putting Mer-Man into their aquarium and are wondering if any substances in the plastic could do damage to their fish. Can you give us any insight if this is harmless. What about figures like Stinkor, who has patchouli oil in his plastic?

Mattel does not recommend displaying your MOTUC figures in a live fish tank

2. Fans have voted for the colour of Swift Wind, Granamyr and Man-E-Faces, as well as if Panthor should have been flocked. Can we expect a new poll for this year's SDCC?

Yes. This year we will let fan's at the panel actually pick one of two figures to be in the line.

3. The Wind Raider is still available and after all you told us there is not a great chance of seeing more vehicles in Classics. But the 4Horsemen made a prototype for the Battle Ram just for fun. Would you consider using this prototype and try a pre-order like you did with Castle Grayskull? There would absolutely be no risk for you. The design is there and doesn't need to be paid for, if you don't hit the minimum- just don't make it.

While we would love to, right now we are putting all of our limited resources into (ideally) finishing the vintage line and A list characters from other media by 2015 (assuming we get enough sub holders each year to make 2014 and 2015 happen). While a preorder would "guarantee" customers, the amount of design resources it takes is just too much for a vehicle, especially when it took over a year and half for the Windraider to sell out. Had the WR sold out a bit faster we might be able to consider this. Fans really do speak and vote with their purchase and we just did not move enough units of the WR quickly enough and at full price to justify any more vehicles at this time (even if the sculpting is done, sculpting is logistically one of the easiest parts of the process and doesn't really affect schedule or resources as much as tooling and design/engineering work/man hours).

4. How did the Snake Mountain stands sell?

It did very well.

5.Last time you misread this question, so we'd like to ask it again: Would it be possible to have MotU vehicles in miniature form as Hot Wheels? It would be awesome to Display a mini Talon Fighter, mini Roton and mini Attack Track with our Fighting Foe Men!

That would be cool but this would be a question for the Hot Wheels team over at Redlineclub.com or Hotwheelscollectors.com.


1. Given how notorious MOTUC fans are for being a feverish fanbase and how many MOTUC are completeists (you guys yourselves have basically tailored the market to where MOTUC fan’s CAN’T be cherry pickers) what in the world is the logic behind releasing a character like the Spirit of Hordak at a completely unannounced random time, leaving your fan base frustrated and unamused?

To help recreate the fun and excitement of the retail toy hunt online. We knew this program would not appeal to all of our fans, but for many it is being embraced as very innovative and thrilling.

2. After the Spirit of Hordak, will there be more random figure drops in the future? Should MOTUC fans just spend every chance they get on the MattyCollector site or what?

Our lips are sealed for now!

3. The Dark Knight Returns Batman from the Batman Unlimited series is a fantastic figure. It appeals to both DC Unlimited collectors and MOTUC collectors. Will Mattel make more DC characters with a similar size, style and design as TDKR Batman, including TDKR Superman and possibly even characters like Wonder Woman?

Those figures would be pretty cool! It sounds like you are a fan of TDKR!

5. Now that we’re seeing the DC Universe do battle with the MOTU universe, is there any chance for new figures based off of these battles in the comics?

Not at this time. We did a Superman vs. He-Man 2 pack at Toys R Us a few years ago, but don’t have future crossover packs planed right now.


kastorskorner.com (Part 1)

Kastor’s Korner: Would you ever consider a Weapons Pak or special battle stands as a Comic Con or traveling exclusive? Including accessories from past exclusives, such as Strobo’s gun, seem like they would be a good fit for a Con exclusive Weapons set.

Mattel: A cool idea but nothing like this to announce right now.

Kastor’s Korner: Will the clip being used to hold Castaspella’s magic wheel keep it at the intended height? From the photography it appears that the center of the wheel should be along the middle of her back, not at the waist.

Mattel: We hope so. We don’t have final samples back yet.

Kastor’s Korner: Are Club FilmMation and Club Black Freighter both considered “one and done” subscriptions, or might we see a second year of either?

Mattel: We definitely won’t be offering a second year of Watchmen figures. Day of sales and subscriptions have just not met expectations to expand this line. As for more Filmation characters and or subs, you will need to wait and see!

kastorskorner.com (Part 2)

Kastor’s Korner: Are the MOTU Classics Mini Comic Con exclusives being considered a preview/ a way to test the waters in this style, or are they intended just as a one-off item for fans?

Mattel: We are certainly keeping an eye on how well they do at the show. We know there is demand from the fans!


Would small environment playsets be an idea worth pursueing. The palace court yard being an example of this. A few benches, the chess table and pieces, and a wall.

Anything is possible, but no, we do not have plans for this right now. Cool idea though!

Mighty Spector's appearance in the new mini-comic has got me confused about the limits to what he can do. No offense meant, but it seems the more I see this character the less I understand him. I thought he wasn't allowed to interfere with the past -hence why he's not preventing any of the major character deaths- but how is his (and He-Man's) participation in the first Ultimate Battleground not interfering? I can understand how he was able to take Sir Laser Lot away without changing history, but how is his taking Evil-Lyn's baby to the future justified?

Before jumping to any conclusions, some things to take into consideration.

1- If there are Time Agents (like Spector) in the service of King he-Man, you can extrapolate that there must therefore be someone else out there that the agents are there to protect us from (*i.e. someone or some faction that is “messing” with time if you will)

2- How do you know that is John Spector in the vortex suit? Maybe it is, maybe it is someone else.
Just food for thought.

After reading King He-man bio, I was wondering why didn't Adora become Queen while Adam was gone? And why was Marlena allowed to stay on the throne after Randor's death? And can you shed some light on how one ascend to throne.

Ready for it? Insert coin. Pull lever. Response generated: Keep reading the bios and mini comics!

mintconditioncustom.com (Part 1)

Tom asks: Last year when both the CIE and the MOTU lines were in jeopardy of not going through, there was a lot of campaigning to get the subs to go through. MOTU even went as far to have video pleads to make it pass. CIE did just as well, not enough for all new sculpts, but did better than just making it. Since then MOTU has added a deluxe Castle, a Filmation line added to the original club, and now a mysterious Hordak figure popping up every so often. Why isn’t any of this being done for the DC line? There hasn’t been any polls to see if a Batmobile would be wanted or an added line to help get desired figures out faster to complete some teams: Legion, Titans or Justice Society. If Mattel wants a 2014 CIE club to pass shouldn’t it give something to entice the fans to keep going?

Doing very low run highly detailed collector figures is only possible through a partnership between Mattel and our fans. We do need our fans to help spread the word on all of our collector lines in order to keep them going. We can only make collector figures when there is an audience to buy them and yes, we 100% rely on our fans to help spread the word!

Chris asks: Gizmodo’s article “Where Toys Come From” (4/22/13) confirmed what many 3.75 inch figure fans suspect. A new 6 inch figure line for a recent “iron” threequel comic movie; appears 3D printed and scanned from its previous old sequel 3.75 inch line. Can you do the same? Whereas 3D printing and scanning (old 6 inch figures) can make new 3.75 inch lines? Many collectors buy only 3.75 inches; G.I.Joe, other Comic lines, and Star Wars. Millions of fans would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MoTU and DCUC if only they fit our 3.75” universe. Appreciative, Chris, Ph.D. (A.B.D.)

Although we certainly COULD use old and existing sculpt data and re- size it to create a scale change (say, from 6” to 3.75”), if we were going to migrate to a new scale we would most likely look at creating new sculpts to really play to the scale and offer something new and exciting for the fans who have been waiting for it. Additionally, fine details on a 6” figure can “close up” when shrunk down, so sometimes it can be easier to start from scratch rather than go through a lot of retouching!

mintconditioncustom.com (Part 2)

For Toyguru: I saw you on a recent episode of Toy Hunter. Were you disappointed that they didn’t even mention your connection to Mattel or to Masters of the Universe outside of being a fan? I was hoping they would mention your job title or perhaps even plug MOTUC for you.

From Toyguru:

“Not at all. I was well aware that my title and position would not be mentioned on the show before we ever shot the segment. It was a blast to do!”


How long was Spirit of Hordak in the works for, as we now know the white crossbow at NYTF was his.

Generally all figures have a 16 month to 2 year design cycle if that helps.

Will we see more MOTU surprise figures or is the red Hordak a one-shot offering?

You never know…

Any idea what day the Matty panel at NYCC will be in October?

Nope. We are way to far off at this point to confirm anything for NYCC.

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