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He-Man.org Filmation in MOTUC Fan Poll Results!
July 6, 2013 10:58 am by JVS3

Here are results to see how folks ranked potential Filmation characters in the MOTUC line. The main page poll setup by Adam Tyner ran for a week and 1342 votes were cast, giving us a good confidence rating on the results. And thanks to Danielle Gelehrter for organizing the whole thing, to James Eatock for his input, and to the fans on the forums for helping narrow down the initial list!

1. Scorpia
2. Sea Hawk
3. Madame Razz (with Broom)
4. Lizard Man
5. Strongarm
6. Robot Knights
7. Evilseed
8. Masque
9. Huntara
10. Imp
11. Graniita
12. Hawke
13. Vultak
14. Hunga the Harpy
15. King Miro
16. General Sunder
17. Dree Ellle
18. Kittrina
19. Dragoon
20. Dylamug
21. General Tataran
22. Uncle Montork
23. Plundor
24. Twiggets (Sprag, Sprocker, Spritina)
25. Melaktha

Scorpia was the clear winner, with a distinct margin of popular ranking separating her from the #2 spot. Lord Masque and Huntara were essentially neck and neck, with Masque winning by a nose. The first 10 spots had a noticeable margin of popular ranking which set them apart from the remaining 15 characters.

See what fans on the Org forums have to say about the results.

And, please head over and vote in the "200x in MOTUC" fan poll to help rank which characters you'd love to see in MOTUC.

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