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SDCC 2013: End of Wars Weapons Pak with Original POP Toyline Colored Kowl!
July 18, 2013 4:14 am by MegaGearMax

We have our second POP reveal from Preview night (the first being Loo-Kee)! This time, it's Kowl, Bow's trusty flying sidekick and one of the few beings who is aware of Adora's secret! The thing to note is that Kowl is in original toyline colors, which also happened to Zoar early on in the line. Zoar was packaged in his original orange and green color scheme until it was later changed to the more iconic orange and blue.

Thanks go out to He-Man.org member Kowl for this line-up description!

Weapons Pak #4 - End of Wars Weapons Pak

New Items
Kowl (Vintage Toy Colors)
Rattlor - Armor/Chestpiece (200x)
Strobo - Gun (Red/Black)

Repainted Items
Netossa - Sword (Blue)
Trap Jaw - Hurricane Hordak "weapon" (Black)
Roboto - Trap Jaw "accessories" (Grey)
Sir Laser-Lot - Mace, Shield, Sword (Grey)
He-Man - Axe, Shield, Sword (Lime/Neon Green)
Stinkor/Palace Guards - Shield (Gold) *
Moss Man/Palace Guards - Mace (Gold) *
Buzz Off/Palace Guards - Axe (Gold) *
Palace Guards - Long Ax (Gold) *

*Gold weapons are identified by Mattel as a "Gold Weapon Treasure" for Granamyr

Thanks to Jeevesosiris & JafariStew for helping to identify all the items in the Pak
Photos courtesy MattyCollector Facebook & our own amazing Markatisu

See what the fans have to say HERE!

News Images
End of Wars Weapons Pack FrontKowl in Original ColorsTrap Jaw with Hurricane Hordak attachment
End of Wars Weapons Pack FrontKowl in Original ColorsTrap Jaw with Hurricane Hordak attachment
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