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Poll Results: Favorite book, comic and media characters for MOTUC!
July 23, 2013 1:21 am by JVS3

Here are results to see how folks ranked potential book, comic and media characters in the MOTUC line. The main page poll setup by Adam Tyner ran for a week and 723 votes were cast, giving us a fair confidence rating on the results. And thanks to Danielle Gelehrter for organizing the whole thing and to the fans on the forums for helping narrow down the initial list!

1. Karg (87 Movie)
2. Lodar (vintage MOTU mini-comics)
3. Goat Man (Golden Books - MOTU)
4. Despara (current DC comics)
5. Oo-lar aka Alcala He-Man (vintage MOTU mini-comics, MOTUC bios)
6. Masks of Power Demons (vintage MOTU mini-comics)
7. Red Beast (new MOTUC mini-comics, vintage MOTU concept)
8. Dare aka He-Ro II (MOTUC bios, series pitch)
9. Wind Raider Pilot aka Sky High (vintage MOTU poster art)
10. Snake Goddess (Italian comics - MOTU)
11. Sharella (vintage MOTU boxart, POG story material, MOTUC Pre-Goddess form)
12. Gray (Eldor cardback, POG story material)
13. King Hiss' Slave Girl (vintage MOTU mini-comics)
14. Garn (vintage MOTU mini-comics)
15. Great Black Wizard (new MOTUC mini-comics, MOTUC bios)
16. Kex Queen (vintage MOTU mini-comics, MOTUC bios)
17. Scrollos (UK comics MOTU, new MOTUC mini-comics)
18. Crimson Fury (UK comics - POP)
19. Lubic (87 Movie)
20. Songster (Power Tour, new MOTUC mini-comics)

There was a fairly average spread across all the characters except for the first place winner. Karg had a slightly larger spread in popularity between 1st and 2nd place.

See what fans on the Org forums have to say about the results.

And, please head over and vote in the "Character Variants in MOTUC" fan poll to help rank which characters you'd love to see in MOTUC.

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