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Power-Con's Dinner is almost sold out!
July 25, 2013 1:39 pm by TheShadow

Have you checked out Power-Con's "Roast Gooble Dinner" Package?  This is an extremely rare opportunity for fans to sit down and have dinner with many of the talented individuals who helped bring He-Man, She-Ra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and ThunderCats to life! Less than 25% of available seats are left! Order your package today!

ROAST GOOBLE DINNER PACKAGE includes all items in the POWER PASS (2-day pass, 30 minutes early access to the show, priority line privilege, all three Dave Wilkins prints, $5.00 discount on t-shirt orders [t-shirt discount until July 31]) plus a coveted spot at the extremely limited seating Dinner with many of the creators appearing at the convention.

Some convention dinners seat one creator with a table of fans. But at Power-Con, the creators often outnumber each fan at the table 2 to 1! You get to have one-on-one personal conversations with the creative minds behind these amazing properties.

Available while they last: $350 per person -- Purchase your Roast Gooble Dinner Package Today!

Who will you be dining with? Here are just some of the names:

  • Martin Arriola - He-Man toy designer
  • Nathan Baertsch - He-Man artist/designer
  • J. Larry Carroll - He-Man & Turtles writer
  • Sherri Lynn Cook - Four Horsemen Studios
  • Tom Cook - He-Man/She-Ra animator
  • Larry DiTillio - He-Man/She-Ra writer
  • Shane Dittsworth - Four Horsemen Studios
  • James Eatock - He-Man/She-Ra historian
  • Barbara Hambly - She-Ra writer
  • Larry Kenney - Voice of Lion-O
  • Robert Lamb - He-Man/She-Ra writer
  • Lynne Lipton - Voice of Cheetara
  • H. Eric “Cornboy” Mayse - Four Horsemen Studios
  • Matthew Malach - Turtles & Thundercats writer
  • Eddy Mosqueda - Ninja Turtles and He-Man toy designer
  • Scott Neitlich - He-Man Classics
  • Peter Newman - Voice of Tygra
  • Rudy Obrero - He-Man artist
  • Owen “Odawg” Oertling - Four Horsemen Studios
  • Alan Oppenheimer - Voice of Skeletor
  • Jim Preziosi - Four Horsemen Studios
  • Gerrianne Raphael - Voice of Pumyra
  • Val Staples - He-Man writer/colorist
  • Dean Stefan - He-Man writer
  • Tom Tataranowicz - He-Man/She-Ra animator/writer
  • Eric Treadaway - Four Horsemen Studios
  • Matt Tyree - He-Man artist
  • Steve Varner - Ninja Turtles toy designer
  • Jack and Leslie Wadsworth - Power Tour's He-Man & She-Ra
  • Anthony Washington - He-Man artist
  • Dave Wilkins - DC Comics He-Man artist
  • David Wolfram - Mattel toys

MORE attendees will be announced shortly making this event even more of a rare opportunity. Secure your seat today! Available while they last: $350 per person -- Purchase your Roast Gooble Dinner Package Today!

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