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Poll Results: Favorite variant characters for MOTUC!
July 29, 2013 1:13 am by JVS3

Here are results to see how folks ranked potential variant characters in the MOTUC line. The main page poll setup by Adam Tyner ran for a week and 1200 votes were cast, giving us a good confidence rating on the results. And thanks to Danielle Gelehrter for organizing the whole thing and to the fans on the forums for helping narrow down the initial list!

1. Hordak (Filmation)
2. Skeletor (New Adventures Toy)
3. Terror Claws Skeletor
4. Sorceress (Mike Young Productions)
5. Skeletor (1987 Movie)
6. God Skeletor (1987 Movie)
7. Laser Light Skeletor
8. Snake Armor He-Man
9. He-Man (1987 Movie)
10. Laser Power He-Man
11. Flying Fists He-Man
12. King Hssss (200x Toy)
13. Tung Lashor (Filmation)
14. Prince Adam (200x Toy)
15. Clawful (Filmation)
16. Ice Armor He-Man
17. Trap Jaw (Mini-Comics)
18. Camo Khan
19. Starburst She-Ra
20. Catra (Princess of Power Toy)

The popularity spread between characters remained relatively consistent until we got to #12 King Hsss, where there was a notable drop. Then it stayed consistent again until we got to #18 where there was another notable drop in popularity.

See what fans on the Org forums have to say about the results.

And, please head over and vote in the "Jetlag characters in MOTUC" fan poll to help rank which characters you'd love to see in MOTUC.

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