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Fan Custom of the Week: Genghis Rex
November 1, 2013 4:48 am by Captain Atkin

This week's cool custom come from He-Man.org member Jin Saotome.

"...Ready for some 80's cartoon goodness? Here's the main baddie of the Dinosaucers cartoon, a custom Genghis Rex created in the He-Man Classics style! Rex was made using a MotU Classics Clawful body, Icarus arms/jetpack/armor, Xtractaurs T-rex head, Sigma 6 Zartan shoulder pads for hip armor, movie Spiderman Lizard tail, and hands from a Nefarious Ratchet and Clank figure. Genghis Rex's gun came from a Ghost Rider movie Vengeance figure and he was painted using Testors Model Master, Formula P3, and Vallejo Model Color paints." 

You can see more pictures of this amazing custom by clicking HERE!

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Genghis Rex
Genghis Rex
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