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UPDATE: FAQ on Castle Grayskull orders
December 3, 2013 4:06 pm by JVS3

Scott Neitlich has sent a couple more questions and answers about Castle Grayskull and order problems:

Q. My order says "order in progress" on MattyCollector's order history under my account. But the charge is nowhere to be found on my credit card. What do I do?
A. That is because your order has not shipped. It is only "in progress". When it ships in a few days to weeks, it will be charged. The Castles are arriving in batches. As they come in, we will ship them out. There is no guarantee the order in which you preordered will effect when it ships, but we will ship all preorders before day of sales on Dec 16, with Early Access available for sub holders before that. "Order in progress" just means waiting to ship. We are currently bundling the Castles with posters so shipping can start. 

Q. My pending credit card charge disappeared. Did something happen to my order?
A. Everything is okay. The pending charges charge was the test to make sure cards were valid and help flag anyone who needed to update their cards. The pending change to authorize the card now goes away and your order gets ready to ship. As it goes through the actual charge to your card will be made and you will receive an update to your status from "pending" to "shipped" or "in transit" etc. This may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. At this point there are three things happening:

  1. your order is in process, the pre authorization charge might fall off your card depending on how your credit card works and how long you are waiting for your castle to change from pending to shipped.
  2. your card failed for any number of reasons resulting in a "cancelation" email notice. Please just call Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY to reinstate by December 5th. We apologize if you already updated your card earlier this year and those changes were not reflected. An error in the system was found and corrected. One quick phone call to CS will fix all and you will be in situation 1 above. This will not affect your shipping order. We will make every effort to use the original preorder date of the first order but in NO WAY can we guarantee any connection between your order date (original, whether "canceled" or not) and shipping date. But we will try to see what we can do.
  3. You haven't ordered a castle yet but you can head over to Mattycollector.com on December 16th and purchase one of the coolest toys ever made in the history of ever for $300.00. Well worth the price of admission!

"Order pending" or having the pre authorization fall off your credit card is normal. This just means your order is getting ready to ship. Orders should start going out this week. While it may take until Jan to ship all the Castles, we will ship preorders first before day of orders. Hopefully all preorders will even ship before day of (Dec 16) even happens. But we can in no way guarantee this or make any promises that your preorder date (whether canceled and reinstated or good to go already) will effect your shipping date. We will try, but we can't guarantee this. 

See what other fans have to say on the Org forums. 

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