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Results for Fan Poll 6 of 7
March 3, 2014 4:47 pm by JVS3

Here are the results for the second poll. 1398 people voted. Thank you to everyone who participated! And please click here to vote in the 7th poll.

If Masters of the Universe Classics were to end, would you like to see a continuation of the vintage 80s MOTU line in the vintage scale and articulation?
Vintage reissued and commemorative lines are fairly popular right now. If Classics ever came to an end, and due to the ever increasing cost of collectibles that makes increased size, articulation and paint more expensive, would you be interested in a continuation of the vintage MOTU line in the same 5" scale, color application and articulation, all packaged on the same vintage style blister card with mini-comics? This could include vintage versions of Classics characters we never had, new characters and/or the reissue of various vintage figures.

Yes, I'm interested in this: 49%
No, I am not interested in this: 31%
I'd have to learn more before I can say for certain: 18%
I am indifferent to vintage styled collectibles: 2%

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