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Dark Horse seeking additional scanned art donations for their upcoming MOTU art book!
August 23, 2014 9:05 pm by JVS3

From Dark Horse:

"This is Daniel Chabon, editor of the Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe art book coming out from Dark Horse Comics next spring. We've already received a ton of fantastic art that's going to be featured in the book.

But we thought we would do one final call out to see if there are any fans or collectors out there who have art from the franchise that they think would be great to feature in the art book. If your art is picked to be included in this book you will be rewarded with
• a special thanks in the art book
• a free copy of the book

Below is a list of a few items we are still on the hunt for, but we are definitely open to review any art that you think would be cool to feature in this official art book.

The only art we will not accept for review is fan art.

Here is our dream list. All scans of art would need to be high res, between 400-600 dpi:
• Unproduced toy art--particularly for the vintage toys
• Art from the Son of He-Man
• Filmation storyboard art
• She-Ra art like character sketches and maybe early concept stuff, unreleased art, etc
• Original card back art
• Vintage obscure he-man products/merchandise. [watches, suitcases, crayons, Halloween masks, and any other unique items]

Any fan with a potential art donation can contact us at heman@darkhorse.com

Thank you!

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