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Sneak peek of the new figures from Masters of the Universe vs. The Snake Men waves!
October 20, 2003 5:00 pm by musclor.fr.st

Mattel has sent He-Man.org a sneak peek at some of the new figures from the upcoming Masters of the Universe vs. The Snake Men waves!
We didn't receive Kobra Khan, but he's due to be out soon as well.
The figures come in eye-catching packaging and all figures have a quality a bit more like the classic line as far as color ops and molding.
Even though it's disappointing to see many of our fan favorites renamed for the toy line (Fisto = Battle Fist, Rattlor = The General) and to see Fisto come without the sword he was originally planned to have, these figures are still really awesome.
Check 'em out!

Could you imagine trick-or-treating as a child and getting a TOY as a treat? Fans have proposed the idea of handing out MOTU toys as Halloween goodies this year for that one special spooky holiday! So keep your eyes peeled on the sales and clearance isle! Or pick up some MOTU related items to hand out like lollipops, comics, or even keychains! Discounted MOTU items as treats may turn part of a new generation on to MOTU!

TheComicFanatic.com has just posted a review for Rise of the Snake Men #1 Check it out!

The Broken Frontier has just posted a review of Rise of the Snake Men #1 Check it out!

TheFourthRail.com has reviewed Icons of Evil: Trapjaw! Check it out!

PlanetEternia.de just posted the television ratings from the first rerun of MotU 2002 Cartoon (aired in september on RTL2). Check it out!

Original Cartoon Cels is up and running!
They are offering 15% off all cels posted. Just mention you heard about their site on He-Man.org! You have to e-mail them and let them know BEFORE you order, though! When you do, Original Cartoon Cels will send you a special coupon code for 15% off! On their site, you'll find cels for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, and many other cool cartoons! They also sell original sketch art from the cartoon! So inquire via e-mail if you have any special requests!

Want MOTU skins for your SIMS characters? Then here you go! Check out Skintucky Fried SIMS for what you need! Thanks to Masters fan, David Logan, for the URL.

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