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Super7 SSSS 2017 Membership sign-up ends tomorrow!
May 18, 2017 4:44 pm by JVS3

Super7 SSSS 2017 Membership sign-up ends tomorrow!

So, what is the SSSS? The Super Seven Secret Society details are as follows...
The dead tell no tales, loose lips sink ships, and each and every member of this covert coven of collectors is sworn to a Double Secret Death-Oath. Only scant details of the SSSS's private privileges have been divulged, at the cost of the lives of those foolish enough to betray their brethren. Rumor has it:
• Membership is granted on an annual basis.
• Members are entrusted with a minimum of two precious idols known only to initiates.
• While inside the lodge members must dress in uniform. The requisite apparel is provided to new recruits.
• Membership has its privileges! The SSSS need only provide proof of membership in good standing for access only dreamt of by outsiders.

Membership includes:
• Member shirt
• Exclusive vinyl toys
• Secret documents

So why should MOTU fans look into the SSSS? Super7 told He-Man.Org:
"Separate from the above which are non-licensed items, the way it works is anytime we offer a convention exclusive (SDCC, Power-Con, etc) we make the inventory available to our fan club a few days before the event, so those folks don't have to wait in line, sweat them selling out, etc.

That said, occasionally there is a very small batch and not enough to go around even for the fan club, but that is rare, and would not likely be the case with any licensed product (because we would need to hit higher minimums, etc)."

If you're interested, sign up ends tomorrow, Friday, May 19th! Click here to sign up today.

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Super7 SSSS Sign-up
Super7 SSSS Sign-up
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