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Updates on MOTUC Super7 figures
October 7, 2017 6:51 pm by JVS3

We wanted to share a few updates with you from Super7. One from online and others reported by fans from NYCC.

Shipping update posted by Super7:
"On Thursday, October 5, at 12:30 pm PST, we set comparable shipping rates for your MOTU pre-order. If you have already placed an order between Monday and Thursday, you will be refunded the difference in shipping costs. Please give us some time to issue the refund, as most of our team is at New York Comic-Con this week."

Reported on the He-Man.Org forums by MEisterShake, about the yet-to-ship 2017 CC & CG figures:
"Spoke with Bryan Flynn AND the Four Horsemen together at the Super 7 Booth at NYCC. All assured me that nothing is shipping until the crotches are fixed. The shiny plastic wont be used... All seemed very adamant about it, supposedly some updates coming in next couple days."

Reported on the He-Man.Org forums by Jun-Yor, about the 2018 Wave 1 CC & CG figures:
"Sorceress's cape still being worked out. As of now it's 2 capes: wings outstretched and relaxed. How they attach etc is unknown. She will not be able to sit in a chair if wearing them, they feel.

Dylamug will have a rotating top and bottom panel. The nose remains where it is. Two mouths have been revealed thus far.

Sorceress and Tung Lashor, speaking to Josh and Brian, *should* have 2 heads (Kuduk Ungol and tongue in, respectively). For you double displayers, you may want to buy 2."

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MOTUC CC & CG 2017 & 2018 Wave 1
MOTUC CC & CG 2017 & 2018 Wave 1
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