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Super7 MOTUC 2017 figures in production and should be shipping from the factory soon!
December 4, 2017 4:43 pm by JVS3

Brian Flynn is over in China at the factory right now, checking on production of Super7 products. And he posted an image of pieces from Fang-Or!

Super7 had previously hoped for figures to ship from the factory mid/late November. Now that they have dialed in all the changes to the figures, per fan input, the figures are currently in production and should be shipping from the factory soon. From there, the figures will head to Super7 to then ship out to fans everywhere!

Also below is an image of the steel molds it takes to make action figures!

From Brian:
"So, when we talk about tooling (the molds toys are made in) this gives you a sense of size and scale of a single tool. Solid steel. These things are lifted into the injection machines with a chain pulley, similar to what happens at the auto shop when they raise up the car engine, except these might be heavier."

This gives you some idea of the space it takes to store these, and why they rarely store old molds unless someone pays for the storage space.

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pieces from MOTUC Fang-Orsteel molds
pieces from MOTUC Fang-Orsteel molds
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