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Super7 takes a look at the factory production of an action figure
December 6, 2017 1:36 am by JVS3

Super's Brian Flynn gives you a first-hand look at the production at the factory of the MOTUC action figures!
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"Hello Everyone! This is Brian Flynn, the owner of Super7, and I wanted to give you a new update on your pre-orders for the Masters of the Universe Collector's Choice and Club Grayskull - Wave 1 figures. Our last update detailed the ton of tooling and paint revisions that were required before the figures went to production.

At the moment I am in China at our factory overseeing the final production of these figures as they are being completed for shipment and delivery.

Holding up the molded parts after they've been pulled from the machine that does the plastic injection. The pieces used for the figures will be removed from the runner (the piece attaching all the parts together that looks like a mini tunnel system). From here, these will be clipped and sorted, then sent to the paint production phase. The plastic is still pretty hot after the injection process, if you look close enough you can see water drops. The plastic is thrown into bins containing water after it is taken out of the machine to allow it to cool and be handled more easily.

These are the molded parts cooling off after they have been dipped in water. They are drying off to be clipped and sorted before moving to the next phase in the production: paint and decoration.

Checking out the paint production for the Fangor figure. The factory works to paint each individual part of the figures, working one figure at a time. These figure parts are being painted with spray masks, which is one of the various techniques use to apply paint to our figures. The factory then stores the completed pieces in the blue bins for the final figure assembly, which will take place after all the parts for that figure are complete.

A close up of one of the figure accessories in the blue bins that is undergoing painting. The difference? The painting on these was applied by hand. Painting is a multi-step process, so you may see the same figure pieces with different coloring based on whatever phase of production that batch is in.

These blue bins are all filled with different plastic parts for the figures that have the painting completed. Wall to wall are all the completed parts waiting for final figure assembly. Look at all the blue bins!

I hope this shows the effort that Super7 is making to ensure that our MOTU Classics figures are as perfect as possible! We understand this has been a lengthy process but we trust the final result will be figures that stand the test of time.

Long story short, we are now in production for all the Wave 1 figures with final assembly and packaging scheduled and then the figures shipping to us by the end of this month. I know this is later than everyone (including Super7) had hoped, but we want to make sure these figures are perfect rather than rushing them. Once again all of us at Super7 appreciates your patience!

Thank you for your support of Super7 and Masters of the Universe!

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Parts on a runnerCooling parts after moldingBins of painted partsFang-Or snake accessoryLots of accessory bins
Parts on a runnerCooling parts after moldingBins of painted partsFang-Or snake accessoryLots of accessory bins
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