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Top 5" Retro'styled MOTU poll results
March 9, 2018 2:52 pm by JVS3

The polls have concluded! Thank you to all the fans who participated. We will be announcing the free prize winners soon.
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And here are the results to your most-wanted 5" retro-styled MOTU figures from Super7. These results will be reviewed and considered by Super7 and the Four Horsemen.

This poll focused on 5" candidates that were characters released so far in the Masters of the Universe Classics line. There are always other candidates, and Super7 may have some of their own surprises for the 5" line. But most of the obvious candidates for the 5" line will be characters already released in Classics.

Please note, as indicated in the voting, any character that previously appeared in the 80s as a MOTU toy would be re-released in a Filmation'retro style similar to the 5" figures Super7 has shown already for characters like He-Man and Skeletor.

Here are the Top 15 most wanted:
1. Shadow Weaver (first 5" MOTU appearance)
2. Adora (first 5" MOTU appearance)
3. Sorceress (Filmation'styled)
4. Mer-Man (Filmation'styled)
5. Queen Marlena (first 5" MOTU appearance)
6. Trap Jaw (Filmation'styled)
7. Cringer (first 5" MOTU appearance)
8. Evil-Lyn (Filmation'styled)
9. Orko (Filmation'styled)
10. Prince Adam (Filmation'styled)
11. Ram Man (Filmation'styled)
12. Fisto (Filmation'styled)
13. Keldor (first 5" MOTU appearance)
14. Tri-Klops (Filmation'styled)
15. Man-E-Faces (Filmation'styled)

Also for fun, we included the existing MOTUC vehicles, beasts and playsets in the poll. The following two items would have placed in the Top 15, even though there has been no announcement of anything other than 5" figures coming from Super7:
1. Battle Cat (Filmation'styled)
2. Castle Grayskull (Filmation'styled)

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Super7 retro MOTU
Super7 retro MOTU
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