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Scott Neitlich attending Power-Con & toy exclusive reveals
March 24, 2018 9:39 pm by JVS3

Power-Con is proud to announce Scott Neitlich will be attending Power-Con this August 25 & 26 in Torrance, California! Neitlich is the Director of In-House Brands at Entertainment Earth. He was the writer for the Masters of the Universe Classics minicomics and the former marketing manager for that brand.

Come meet Neitlich in person to help celebrate ten years of Masters of the Universe Classics! Power-Con ticket and exclusives pre-sales begin this April on the Power-Con website.

The three Power-Con toy exclusives will be revealed this coming week. In the meantime, Power-Con Event Director Val Staples has been posting cryptic teasers on the He-Man.Org forums. The four teasers thus far are in the above image.

So you can better prepare for the pre-orders, we hope to go live with pre-sales on Friday, April 6th. But that exact start date may change. We'll post the exact date and time as soon as we have it locked in.

The pre-orders for the toy exclusives will run until Sunday, May 13th. Ticket sales to the show will continue after that date. That gives everyone approximately one month to place their toy exclusive pre-orders. In order to move into production, we can't extend the end date. All pre-orders are a pre-payment, in full like prior Power-Con events.

The three exclusives will all be featured separately on the standard Club Grayskull packaging. You can purchase individual figure releases for $50.00 each. But we will also offer offer a set of all three for $135.00 ($45.00 each); a 10% discount for the set of all three.

For Non-Attendees, there will be no Merchandise Access Fee this year. Instead, the Non-Attendee toy exclusives prices will be the same as the Attendee prices, plus USPS Priority shipping (domestic & international) and a small handling fee to cover shipping supplies and packing labor. Also, because we have a fairly quick turn around on factory production, we have to pay extra to air ship the Power-Con Attendee stock to the show. The Non-Attendee stock will be received via ocean freight and should arrive by November 30th, after which shipping to customers will begin and should be completed by the end of December. For the Power-Con Non-Attendee pre-orders, we will not be pre-selling them at the same time from BigBadToyStore, but we should have one German pre-sale partner to help with distribution in Europe for interested fans. We'll have more info on that later.

Please keep in mind we're a fan-supported operation and we can't ship as fast as big companies. So we want to be up front about planned dates and shipping times. If you ordered from us in 2017, then you will be familiar with our turn around times. Thank you for your understanding and support of Power-Con!

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