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New She-Ra cartoon updates
April 11, 2018 9:44 pm by JVS3

Tallstar has been diligently keeping track of mentions, remarks from creators, and other tidbits about the new DreamWorks She-Ra cartoon coming soon from Netflix. We're grateful for all his hard work!

Check out all the info below to find out everything we know about the cartoon so far,
and click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums!


Netflix just created a page for the 2018 reboot! They have a brief synopsis up.
Click here to check it out.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: A Netflix Original
2018 TV-Y7-FV

In this reboot of the '80s series, a magic sword transforms an orphan girl into warrior She-Ra, who unites a rebellion to fight against evil.

Genres: TV Shows, Kids' TV, Kids' TV for ages 5 to 7, Kids' TV for ages 8 to 10, Comic Book & Superhero TV, TV Cartoons

This show is: Exciting


@LaurenFaits: Are any of the new #SheRa #PrincessofPower creators going to be at @ThePowerCon? Attn: @Gingerhazing @gullshriek @mickequ @dihnuh @Kate_Farina @RianSygh @LauraSreebny et al? Or, is it vintage-only?
@LauraSreebny: Not sure if anyone is going officially as of this minute - but I know a bunch of the crew were sneaking around the last one!
@mickequ: hehe, guilty, I got some great stuff at the last one!!!
@gullshriek: went last year and it was excellent, want to go again but probably very quietly and unofficially for now

@JordanHass: Hey Katy, so you're working on She-Ra along with that Frogboy Rian - I just want to know if you had any vivid memories of the original She-Ra growing up? Any memorable moments or playset adventures?
@Kate_Farina: My dark confession is that I never watched the original She-Ra! But I do remember wanting a Swift Wind toy because honestly, who wouldn't??


Excerpt taken from Animation Magazine's "Rising Stars Of 2018" (April, 2018 issue featuring Showrunner/Executive Producer Noelle Stevenson):

These days the talented 26-year-old Columbia, South Carolina native is busy running one of the hottest shows of the year: the upcoming Netflix reboot of She-Ra. "I've always been hungry for fantasy and sci-fi that heavily featured women," says Stevenson. "She-Ra was ahead of its time in that sense, and we still don't see action/adventure with female leads nearly as much as I would like these days. That's starting to change, which is very exciting. It's the perfect moment for She-Ra to return!"

Stevenson loves all the possibilities that a mostly female cast open to the creative team. "We're not constrained to having only aspirational female characters, they can be heroic and villainous and silly and emotional and angry and loud and strong and weak - you know, human." So, what can fans expect to see in the new series? "Rainbows, spaceships, pirates, sparkles, tears, robots, magic, technology, mystery, mythology, teen angst, and just so many super-powered princesses," she promises. "Just so many!"

@jenbendraws: Hello! Soon @kikiinspace will be joining me as a director on She-Ra as well.
@jenbendraws: It's @kikiinspace's first week as a director on She-Ra and my mom surprised us by sending a METRIC TON of roses?! Happy first week!

@gullshriek: its uniquely frustrating to be like, maximum levels of sweaty nerd abt the thing you work on, and not being able to just like go look at AMVs or ****post or whatever about it
@gullshriek: I'm so used to producing some garbage content and immediately tweeting it without even looking at it, or just getting on tumblr and typing "jasper" or etc and getting 90000 memes and conspiracy theories
@gullshriek: I've had to make all my own memes and print them out and put them up on a corkboard at the office. set me free
@hamesatron: this has been my hell for like five years
@gullshriek: ive only been in it for one and im ready to die
@Alliandoalice: have you printed my memes yet
@gullshriek: no but thanks for reminding me

@gullshriek: i don't have any control on story or anything i just get to make sure everybodys lookin cute and that theres at least one extremely jacked hot woman somewhere in any given crowd of people and then i get to eat all the good writing
@gullshriek: o its extremely easy to like, hear something they're planning for an upcoming episode and just YELL about it
@xoxobouma: youre doing important work out here
@gullshriek: SOMEbody laid the groundwork for me so right

This interview with Visual Development Artist Ahmed Gamal is from November, 2017 but was posted recently. (Before She-Ra was announced.)

Getting picked for the DreamWorks Training Program
19:29 - 20:58

About the 12 Week DreamWorks Training Program for Visual Development Artists & Working on 2 Productions
23:43 - 33:36

Alludes to getting the job on She-Ra
33:48 - 35:00

Moving from New York to California & first day at DreamWorks
37:20 - 40:02

Interview with Background Painter Chrystin Garland from January, 2018.

Briefly name drops She-Ra
4:27 - 4:39

Getting the job at DreamWorks
42:43 - 45:14

Listed on Emily Halaka's Resume:

DREAMWORKS ANIMATION - "She-Ra" and "Captain Underpants"
TV Production Intern May 2017 - August 2017
- Worked with production team to manage series design & assets
- Took minutes at pitches & production meetings
- Shadowed & assisted series artists
- Tracked takes for audio records

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