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Answers to Super7 Fan Q&A round 3.10
August 1, 2018 3:58 pm by JVS3

Super7 has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 10 questions!

This round of questions were selected by mjw41.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. DrumMaster: Club Grayskull figures seem to have taken priority in the MOTUC line. If you ever plan to end Collector's Choice (which we hope you don't), will you end it definitively or will we be left wondering if it will ever continue?

Wave 2 of Collector's Choice is in the final stages of production and is shipping soon, along with Collector's Choice Stridor. At SDCC, we have revealed the revised Snake Mountain sculpture, also for Collector's Choice. While we are spacing out the waves of Club Grayskull and Collector's Choice a bit, both lines are still very much alive.

2. Lipster: Any chance for a re-release of the MOTUC carded figure protectors? They are probably the rarest item in all of MOTUC. (You could partner with Zoloworld who already makes case protectors.)

We currently do not have plans for figure protectors, as we are focused on making the toys themselves.

3. mjw41: How close is Super7 to offering over-sized Filmation beasts & figures such as Dragoon, Daimar the Demon, Sand Demon, and/or a Rock Monster in the Club Grayskull line?

We do not have any over-sized items currently scheduled. But if there is enough interest, we would love to make them.

4. jjhuehn: Does Super7 have any plans in place for a more cost effective distribution method for collectors outside of the USA? Distribution partnership via large retailers was mentioned as a possibility for the new 5.75" line but that never happened.

We are working with our partners in Europe to help with distribution to customers there. For other international customers, we currently do not have distribution partners available, and are working with our shipping partners to get the best rates possible.

5. Niki: The upcoming 5.75" Eldor and He-Ro look amazing and very accurate to their original prototypes. If you do the same with unproduced POP figures, like Jewelstar or Joya for example, will they get the same treatment as the vintage POP figures with the inclusion of fabric, gimmicks, and rooted hair?

We are very excited about the upcoming Eldor and He-Ro! We still have some work to do on these before they see release, so we have not moved on yet to other unproduced items. Should we create other unproduced figures, we would bring the same attention to detail and authenticity to those projects.

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*Photo from The Fwoosh

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He-Ro and Eldor
He-Ro and Eldor
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