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New She-Ra cartoon updates
September 27, 2018 4:54 pm by JVS3

Tallstar has been diligently keeping track of mentions, remarks from creators, and other tidbits about the new DreamWorks She-Ra cartoon coming soon from Netflix. We're grateful for all his hard work!

Check out all the info below to find out everything we know about the cartoon so far,
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DreamWorks will be at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Houston, Texas from September 26-28. (Booth 5824)
@dreamworksjobs: 8 days left for Grace Hopper! Make sure to follow hashtag#DWGHC18 for live updates at #GHC18. #GHC #technology #womenintech #techwomen #SheRa

The 4th Annual Women in Entertainment Summit is hosting a panel called "The Making of Princess She-Ra", which takes place at Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California on October 11th.
@WIEntertainment: She-Ra is back! Inspired by the popular series, She-Ra brings forth indomitable female characters each with their unique abilities and flaws to entertain and empower young girls and women. Join us at our Oct 11 Summit for a panel discussion with the creator, filmmakers and stars.


@Despicablecomix: How old will she-ra be in the series?
@gullshriek: I don't think she has a concrete age, just "young adult." I personally see her as 19-20.
@gullshriek: None of the characters I've done were assigned to me or designed with a specific age, only age ranges at most, but the majority of the cast is young adults and adults except for a few stated and/or obvious exceptions. No more details on that for now!
@NirvanaMoonk116: But the body proportions and anatomy in the leaked magazine art doesn't convey that at all. Fans were expecting high quality art for the She-Ra Netflix show. The fan art looks a million x better than the supposedly official art. I'm praying this show doesn't disappoint.
@gullshriek: y'all ain't seen basically anything yet. just be patient.
@NirvanaMonk116: I'm on standby. I haven't given up faith yet. I have patience.

@PinkieToons: BTW! I just read your updated bio! I do character design too!!! Can you share who you designed/contributed to?? (don't worry if you cant I really can't talk about my work yet either)
@gullshriek: Nobody who's been released yet! A very long list of characters who haven't been released yet. I think they might want me to say quiet about it, but I'll definitely be talking about it when they come out

@fredjfrancis: Can I ask if this transformation sequence is inspired by magical girl genre iteself, like #SailorMoon or #PrettyCure? Cause WOW, this rocks! #SheRa
@jenbendraws: Absolutely! Just about everyone who did storyboards for this sequence (/show) grew up watching magical girl cartoons.


@jenbendraws: I'm excited for you to see the show in action. It's wild to see images from our first few episodes--we've definitely gone places, figuratively and literally, since we started! Very proud to be a part of this team and production.

@mickequ: excited they're finally showing stuff but also frustrated because these couple of screenshots of the early eps show so little of how much our show has grown and what it's become!!! please tune in on netflix in nov to see tons and tons of work we've done since then
@mickequ: also... we aren't allowed to post our own fanart right now, but believe me as soon as I can you'll get lots of pics of my kids whom I love !!!
@dannyducker: lol the growing pains are extremely real!!! it already looks fantastic, so i can't wait to see how it evolves!
@mickequ: thank you danny that means a lot to me TT people outside the industry really have no idea how different our own dang cartoons look so different to us between the first episode and like even the 5th one
@dannyducker: it's really nuts!!! looking back at early eps i'm like.... who did this...

@mickequ: idk how else to post this other than a ****** screenshot sorry dreamworks, but I love the drawing that the official account has in the icon and header!! @gullshriek drew this!!

@Dihuh: the only thing i want you all to know about She-Ra is: Shadow Weaver did nothing wrong

@MsShaneLynch: I am a Shadow Weaver stan and I approve this message@MsShaneLynch: I love our design of Castle Brightmoon SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

@MaryEMcGlynn: Here a first look of our girl and the gang. Can't wait for you to meet them! #SheRa @DreamWorksSheRa @Gingerhazing @aimeecarrero @KarenFukuhara @EW
@MsShaneLynch: Catra is life. Bow is my best friend. Glimmer is courage personified.

@stephan_draws: I know nothing about She-Ra but 2 min looking it up on YT has told me that were talking about the wrong topic. I hope this weird ass elephant man is in there.
@Sizzlemanski: Ah, snout spout! I love this awkward thing.

@Gingerhazing: So overwhelmed by the outpouring of love today for She-Ra! Thank you so much for the fanart and kind words. I hope you love the show when it comes out!
@Gingerhazing: She-Ra/Adora, Bow, Glimmer and Catra were designed by Keiko Murayama @berryshortcakeo and Jisoo Kim @jisooK, with early previs by Xanthe Bouma @xoxobouma!
@Gingerhazing: Bright Moon Castle was designed and painted by Khang Le, with early previs by Elle Michalka @eleanormichalka!
@Gingerhazing: Couldn't ask for a more skilled, passionate, and kind crew. I have been very, very lucky to work with everyone involved!

@mollystanard: I can't wait for November! I feel so humbled to have done some preliminary designs for #SheRa two whole years ago, because seeing these final designs now is so exciting!!

@MASSIVEslinde: Google search: Did you mean "by the power of grayskull"
@MsShaneLynch: Google it again, Stefan
@MASSIVEslinde: This is brand new information to me!
@MsShaneLynch: All good! "By the Power of Grayskull" was He-Man.
@mickequ: how tf did u get this hi-res why am i so bad at twitter omg
@MsShaneLynch: FACEBOOK! It's not just for moms!
@Jamesashley11: Looking forward for this series will we see leech and matenna
@MsShaneLynch: (inserted eight "zipped-lips" emojis)
@Jamesashley11: it's possible I take that as lol

@jakewyattriot: I got to do some sketches for She-Ra a few years back and 1. Updating those designs is hard 2. I think what the team landed on is really cool!
@jakewyattriot: I've seen people say hateful things about the She-Ra designs, but a lot of those people are known grossos and all of them are wrong. Those are good Power Princesses.
@Gingerhazing: they're so good!! Your influence is definitely in there!
@jakewyattroit: <3 thanks for letting me play im that pool! it was a blast!
@RianSygh: I actually stumbled upon the previs folder at work last week and all the proto designs were so good! I instantly recognised your work ha ha
@jakewyattroit: Awww thanks dude!!
@HikkaBox: Are you allowed to show them? im guessing not but im very interested on the process
@jakewyattroit: maybe after the series is out!

@TikiMachine: One of the Marketing Poses I did with #MarikoYamashin & @gullshriek for She-Ra has been released!!! Aw yeah!! [*Note: This is the banner with She-Ra that is on DreamWorks' official Facebook page]
@TikiMachine: Also, we have a release date for Netflix!! Check the image
@sotiris2006: How many episodes total is the first season?
@TikiMachine: Tbh, I'm not sure. We were surprised they revealed the release date yesterday, if that tells how much they keep the crew advised....
@AdeleKThomas: We all just looked at this at our studio and adored it.
@TikiMachine: Thanks so much! We can't wait for the episodes to drop so everyone can see the world we've been working in for the past year and a half.

@TangoCharlie: Been looking forward to the new designs since the reboot was launched. Always did like She-Ra better. Kudos to the whole team! #SheRa #drawthisinyourownstyle
@Gingerhazing: Ahh Tony!! Thanks for being an early inspiration of mine for female-led action/adventure, honestly. It means so much!
@TangoCharlie: Looking forward to all the smooching you're gonna put in this.

@melissavandew: Hey, one of my good friends was an animator who worked on She-Ra in the 80s and I showed him these stills, and he texted me: "The original She-Ra would have been honored to have been re-born to be an inspiration to young girls around the world."
@Gingerhazing: Omg I'm gonna cry!!

@theotherwillis: so excited for these babes.
@BeckyKirsch: So so happy for you!!
@theotherwillis: thank you!!

@LauraSreebny: Our sweet babies are out of the nest and into the world!

@Dihuh: It's been really nice seeing the positive reaction to She-Ra! It's definitely been a tough learning curve for me as a board artist who had absolutely 0 action experience previously, but I learned a lot. Looking at my first boards to now, I'm happy with my improvement!
@Dihuh: I'm super grateful to my directors for taking the time to teach me. This show let me do the kind of storytelling and emotional acting I never would have expected to have drawn on my previous shows. I hope you all enjoy it! Also Shadow Weaver Did Nothing wrong 2018
@kikiinspace: it's honestly such an honor and a privilege to work with you diana, number one shadow weaver stan
@Dihuh: Thank you so much for everything you taught me so far!!!! I've learned so much from your direction and your boarding!!!!!!!!
@kikiinspace: <3 <3

@ChunksTheMighty: So excited about the reveal of #SHERA Its such a beautiful looking show!!!
@NavyBlueDude: I can't wait to see the episode(s) you worked on!
@ChunksTheMighty: Just one for now!!! But it was really fun, thanks for helping me out Dante! Thanks @kikiinspace for teachin' me stuff! <3
@kikiinspace: thank *you* for all your hard work on the ep (even while you were moving cross country, so dang impressive!!)

@xoxobouma: i did early visdev on the main cast of She-Ra! and it is just incredible seeing what the designers have done with them and what they've become. i'm so honored to have had a hand in this wonderful show, i cannot wait to watch it!!!
@MollyOstertag: your early designs were so stunning, it's cool how much they've stayed in the show!
@xoxobouma: ahhh thank you so so much, molly!! ill never forget getting this assignment and just thinking this is exactly what i love to draw
@ianlendler: No ****! Is there a visible xanthian look to she-ra?
@xoxobouma: it's definitely possible to map some of the character design elements to my aesthetics (which is very inspired by 80s media), but the art direction and design team really developed something unique, i think!
@ianlendler: Okay, I've been looking and I can definitely see it in the hair. Xanthe hair is very distinct.
@K0bot: I heard that news and immediately went "ah, yes that explains why I love this so much"
@xoxobouma: ahhh mari!! that is so special, thank you. I definitely cant take that much credit - along with everyone else i'm just as wowed by the decisions of the designers to make EVERYTHING SO IMPRESSIVE!

@gullshriek: xanthe was an integral part of the foundation for the cast and character look development, and their art is amazing, go give them some love
@xoxobouma: :'O raeeee! it's so humbling to have been a part of this. im so ready to see all of your amazing designs in motion, too!

@hackedmotionart: @kumgrace0322 pssst is that your art on the teaser promo?
@kumgrace0322: lol naah. I'll let everyone know when my stuff comes up as they slowly release things > < I did a lot of concept work for the show mainly for environments.

@PollyGuo: Yesss! Finally! I (think) I did at least a couple of passes on the first and second screen cap? Looking good [*Note: She is referring to the screen cap of She-Ra and the screen cap of Glimmer, Bow and Adora that DreamWorks posted on their Facebook page)
@PollyGuo: The original chara designs I believe were by Keiko Murayama of Peabody and Sherman fame and they're slick as hell! Was thrilling to work with these gorgeous designs
@PollyGuo: Jisoo Kim did a lot of chara work to make the charas serviceable for animation too! She was kind of a mentor to me on my brief time on the show

@RianSygh: Me and @Kate_Farina are the current BG team on She-Ra but this gorgeous spread was done by Khang Le (khangleart.com) before we started!! [*Note: He is referring to the environment that DreamWorks unveiled on their Facebook page]
@RianSygh: I love the work I'm doing lately and the mobius-inspired BGs just keep getting better. This show is gorgeous and looks so good in motion. I really hope a trailer or something drops so you all can see!!
@Kate_Farina: To clarify, we do the painting/color work, not the layout design work!
@RianSygh: Oops, that's what I meant! lol
@ChunksTheMighty: I didn't realize this was Khang's but I'm not surprised!!! Even tho I'm not on BGs his work has been completely informative and helpful for all parts of the production I'm working on now!
@RianSygh: He's so talented it's honestly magic?????
@IniquitousFish: I can't wait to see all the beautiful work you've done!
@RianSygh: I hope people like it! The show is SO GOOD and we're lucky to even be a small part of it.

@gullshriek: @kestonjohn hey keston! you're one of my favs on the show! can't wait until everybody gets to see (hear) you in action
@kestonjohn: thank you so much!!

@no_whit: Yo @Kate_Farina @RianSygh your stuff looks SO GOOD and @gullshriek the style you designed in is perfect!!!!! I'm so proud of y'all
@gullshriek: Also none of my work has been released yet LMAO OTL
@no_whit: LMAOOOO woops my bad! Someone said you were The Designer so i just figured
@gullshriek: LOL it's ok, I think I'm the only one of our character designers with a twitter presence except xanthe. I'll be sure to talk about the characters I designed when they are released!
@RianSygh: Ha ha none of our work has been released yet since we didn't come in until well into Season 1 but I will take that compliment.
@no_whit: Woops sorry!!! The bgs looked pretty close to your style so I assumed the remaining difference could be chalked up to the art direction

@Gingerhazing: Looking to get your She-Ra fix while you wait for the new series to come out? Might I recommend Flowers for Hordak, my absolute favorite episode from the OG series:
@gullshriek: this ep and My Friend, My Enemy are my favorites

@RianSygh: Mannnn the hardest thing so far about animation is that I just coloured a really cool thing that I'm super proud of and no one will see it for like three years!! Just, take my word for it! I think it's cool!
@hamishsteele: Dang yeah doing animation and comics makes you realise how fast comic turn around is. Even waiting a year for a book to come out goes by in a flash.
@RianSygh: Especially once you're doing both because I have no memory of doing anything because I'm always working and exhausted ha ha ha

@actor_morla: Watching the original She-Ra series with my 6yo - thinking about my 6yo self racing to the tv to watch the sames episodes - with the awareness I'm a part of this generation of She-Ra - while imagining my son watching both versions with his kid someday.

@redribbonrobot: My official #Shera notebook from work! I can feel the power~

@jenbendraws: Animatic editors @_datto and @McVillain making some cool bespoke sound stuff for an episode!

@kikiinspace: Wah! It was such an honor to direct an episode written by @MsShaneLynch - I feel so lucky to get to work with her and all of the She-Ra writing staff! <3 (*Note attached picture has a sticky note that says: "Kiki! Thank you so much for 208! <3, Shane)

@LauraSreebny: @TeenVogue has been truly killing it the last few years, so they seem like a great natural partner for inspiring kids to smash the patriarchy with She-Ra.
@MsShaneLynch: I interned with them when I was a fresh young teen so this is a cute full circle moment!

@Gingerhazing: Transformation sequence boarded by @jenbendraws and @Angelakimbo...still gives me chills every time!!
@jenbendraws: It was such a group effort, haha! There were quite a few iterations and everyone's work shaped what it became. There's concepts from @thestoryduke in there, for sure, and I still remember everyone going OOOH when @Angelakimbo's beautiful hair-exploding storyboards came in LOL

@jenbendraws: Josie Campbell (@CozyJamble) is the best dang story editor I've worked with. I've become a better director because her scripts gave me amazing material to live up to, and I've become a better manager because she modelled what it meant to be smart and kind and a hard ass worker.
@jenbendraws: If you ever get the chance to work with or for her, DO IT AND BE GRATEFUL
@kikiinspace: Jen said all the words!!! It's honestly been such an honor for me to work with Josie...she's amazing and she's going to do amazing things

@jenbendraws: Laura Sreebny (@LauraSreebny) is an amazing writer and also! very intimidatingly cool. The entire story team has been quietly (or not so quietly cough) in awe of her the whole dang show. I loved working on her episodes!!
@kikiinspace: I've had the privilege of directing on four!! of Laura's scripts since I came onto She-Ra, and every time I get a new script by her, I look forward to being completely floored by the time I'm done reading it

@LauraSreebny: Had my last day She-Ra. Gutterd, but so grateful for an unbelievable experience working with unbelievable people on an unbelievable show. Never thought I'd be so lucky! Thank you @Gingerhazing and everyone and also *insert SW "you're welcome" gif*
@LauraSreebny: Also I'm so excited for the show to come out, mostly so I can request fan music videos of footage set to such great hits as any song from The Greatest Showman soundtrack and also Kesha.

@meritleighton: @DreamWorksSheRa squad was in the house last night at the @Netflix #emmy #afterparty! @MarcusScribner @lauren_ash #bow #scorpia #frosta

@TikiMachine: I did a deep dive for TBT from my portfolio work and found something that will show more of what I do as a Clean Up artist. Because it is SO much more than tracing over the rough designs.
@TikiMachine: Depending on when I come on to the production, I can help find and define the style of the show. This is what I did for Adventure Time, Sym-Bionic Titan and She-Ra. Other times, the style is already established & I just match what's been done: Flapjack, PPG, Rush Zone, Mr Peabody

@MsShaneLynch: I hate that I can only vague-tweet about She-Ra. I'm so excited. These characters. This mythology. These scripts. The score. The outfits. The backgrounds. I JUST WANT TO WRITE ABOUT EVERYTHING AND WE CAN'T YET GUYS, I'M SORRY, BUT ONCE WE CAN IT'S ALL I'M GONNA TWEET ABOUT.

Merit Leighton (FROSTA) talking about She-Ra and the Princesses of Power at the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes red carpet. Start at @1:53


Adam Henry is a Supervising Producer on the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power reboot. Interestingly, he has "Boards" for She-Ra on his Pinterest page called "She-Ra Vision Board" and "She-Ra Figures." These boards contain "pins" of images from various sites. They are typically used for inspiration purposes. It's not clear if any of these images are informing the direction of the series and any potential merchandise. However, even if these images are just for Adam's personal use, it's neat to get a look into the headspace of someone working on the show. The Pinterest boards can be viewed here and here.

The below She-Ra episode numbers and titles came from a French freelance artists' LinkedIn page:
-episode #112 "Rescuing Adora"
-episode #116 "Signals"
-episode #121 "Choices"
-episode #125 "Deja Vu"
-episode #202 "The Valley of the Lost"
-episode #205 "Protocol"
-episode #209 "Hero"

According to a character designer, they are using NE4U animation studio for the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power cartoon. NE4U is a newer studio located in South Korea and have the following credits:
-Dawn of the Croods (34 episodes)
-DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year (With Digital eMation, The Answer Studio, Lotto Animation and Sunmin Animation)
-Harvey Street Kids
-Marvel's Spider-Man (7 episodes)
-Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters (6 episodes)
-Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (teaser tag)
-Trolls: The Beat Goes On!
-Ultimate Spider-Man (7 episodes)


This excerpt comes from an interview with Margie Cohn, DreamWorks Animation's head of television:
How are you championing women at DWA TV?

"I have always thought that people in kids media are on the front lines of a person's first exposure to media. So we're very thoughtful about how we depict girls and women, and are focused on breaking stereotypical archetypes by presenting a variety of girls with personalities as wildly diverse as people are in real life. We have funny, goofy and impulsive girls like Pip in Home, and we have courageous adventurers who do the right thing like Lucky in Spirit Riding Free. We are also developing She-Ra, which will be a completely different take on a girl superhero.

Within the studio itself, we are aggressively looking to hire women in every position, but especially in the story roles like writing, boarding and directing, because those are the people who go on to create and run shows. Spirit and She-Ra are two of our shows where the majority of the staff is female."

STAR WARS REBELS' Taylor Gray Reflects On Playing Ezra, Season 4's Shock Ending, & What Comes Next - EXCLUSIVE
What's coming next for you and where should fans be looking out for you moving forward?

"Everything I've done since has been live-action but I did do a VR video game. There's also a new show called She-Ra which Dreamworks is doing and I did a wizard character on that show. I just completed another movie last month which wrapped filming called Hard Rock Love Song and that's with Michael Dornan and Sophia Bush. Right now, I'm actually working on a show called American Princess that Kenji Coen is doing. That's actually where I am right now as I'm on the set shooting and it's been such a blast over the past few months."

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is featured in this month's issue of Chatelaine.

Two She-Ra voice actors are in Cher's new SOS video: Aimee Carrero (Adora/She-Ra) and Vella Lovell (Mermista).

@kvonhard: In today's @ABC_CLIO 100 Geek Heroines work, I'm writing about #SheRa and looking forward to my #NYCC interview with @Gingerhazing and @aimeecarrero

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